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America's #1 Wireless Driveway Alarm



From trespassers to wild animals, cover your bases with our long-range alarm system.

  • Installs in Minutes

    Simply pair your devices and mount your sensor onto the desired surface to start surveilling your property.

  • No Commitment

    Use your Guardline device without contracts, Wifi connection, or cellular connection.

  • Easily Expandable

    Pair up to 16 sensors around your property and add receivers around your space for additional security.

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  • Wireless Driveway Alarm

    Wireless Driveway Alarm

    Regular price From $109.99 USD
    Regular price $159.99 USD Sale price From $109.99 USD
  • Long Range Driveway Alarm

    Long Range Driveway Alarm

    Regular price From $100.66 USD
    Regular price $209.99 USD Sale price From $100.66 USD
  • Customizable Alerts

    Designate unique chimes for each sensor to know immediately where motion has been detected.

  • Built to Last

    Durable sensors hold up under severe weather conditions, backed by our two-year warranty.

  • Reliable & Trustworthy

    Enjoy 24h, day or night, rain or shine detection of motion AND heat. No stone left unturned.

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Know who’s where and when. Stay alert and be prepared.

  • Know When Visitors Arrive

    From houseguests to the mailman, know when anyone enters or exits your property.

  • Keep an Eye on Large Animals

    Know when larger animals are entering your property.

  • Be Alerted to Intruders

    Keep an eye on the perimeter, protecting you and your loved ones from unannounced guests.

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  • Free Returns

    If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund you in full.

  • Free Delivery

    Free delivery across the U.S.

  • 60 Day Trial

    Don't like it? Get your money back. No questions asked.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Register your Guardline purchase and we've got you covered.

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  • ✓ Rachel K., U.S.


    "I hear everyone who comes up the drive! I am very pleased with the driveway alarm and would recommend it highly. I live on a long driveway out in the country and feel a lot more secure knowing when someone is coming."

  • ✓ Chaz F., U.S.


    "Just caught two thieves redhanded trying to break into my shed on the property. I was able to confront them immediately before they could cause any damage or take anything. As far as I am concerned these units have already paid for themselves."

  • ✓ Kenny C. U.S.


    "No more sudden knocks on the door..... I now know when someone is on my property. Fed ex, UPS, Deer etc.. Totally feel secure on my 7 acre property."

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