All of our driveway alarms (with exception to the Chamberlain and any of the handheld Dakota Alert models) have 12v contacts built into them. These contacts allows you to trigger additional devices when your driveway alarm activates.

How does a 12v Relay Work?

To start, let's go over how your driveway alarm normally works. When your sensor (outside) is triggered, it sends out a signal which your receiver (inside) picks up. When your receiver picks up that signal, it will play a melody and light up.

When you connect a 12v relay to your receiver, it follows the same process, but another step is added. After your receiver gets the signal from your sensor, in addition to playing a melody and lighting up, it will also tell the 12v relay to activate.

What makes 12v relays so exciting is the wide variety of relays available. You can find a relay for almost any application.

For example, some common ones are:

  • strobes which light up when activated,
  • sirens which sound-off very loudly when activated,
  • switches which can turn house lights on or off when activated

The possibilities are endless.


Connecting your 12v Relay to your driveway alarm 

Now that we understand the basic capabilities of 12v relays, let's take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to connect an unpowered 12v relay to your driveway alarm. In this video we are using the Guardline GL2000, but the installation will be similar for any driveway alarm.




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