If you’re in the market for a wireless intercom, you primarily need to communicate between two distant rooms or buildings and are looking for a cost-effective way to accomplish that goal.  As you start looking at different intercoms, however, you’ll likely start to notice that there are several varieties of intercoms on the market.

To ensure you’re buying the best intercom for your specific setup, I’ve outlined the differentiating factors for each type of intercom below.


Dual-use Doorbell/Intercom

This is a very specialized type of intercom that is great for business use or home use, especially when individuals cannot get to the door and need to communicate with their visitors.  The outdoor unit is dual-use and once pressed, sends a signal to the indoor intercom.  When the indoor unit responds it opens a line of communication with the outdoor unit, allowing both sides to communicate.  


Indoor Intercom

By far the most popular type of intercom we sell - these offer a variety of features to suit  your needs and are for indoor use only.  They set up quickly, are easy to operate and are customizable to your needs. Read more about the different features available here.


Outdoor Intercom

This is a great option for communication between two buildings outdoors or if you’re looking for an intercom that is extremely easy to operate.  With only one button on the outside and the advanced options secured in the battery compartment, this intercom is a great choice whenever you need a reliable intercom with a fool-proof and intuitive design.


Long-Range Intercoms

If you’re looking to communicate over long ranges, this is the intercom for you.  These are great for business use between buildings or personal use on a large property or acreage.  The availability of channels and sub-channels allows you to choose a secure network to communicate on at a range of up to 4 miles between intercoms.  As a bonus, these intercoms can be paired with long-range driveway alarms to also notify you of visitors to your home or business.


Portable Intercoms

A fantastic option for communicating on-the-go.  These handheld radios can be paired with the long-range intercoms mentioned above and can also be paired to long-range driveway alarms, allowing you to not only communicate, but also be alerted to visitors arriving to your home or place of business.  Truly the most versatile of our intercoms, this is the best option for anyone looking for a wide range of features and capabilities in one product.



With all the intercom options out there, I hope this guide helps you narrow down your choices and bring you closer to the perfect intercom for your needs.  If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-519-0413 from Mon-Fri, 7-3pm PST.



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