So you’re in the market for a wireless doorbell, but overwhelmed by all of the options available to you? Luckily, you’re in the right place - since 1999 we’ve been helping customers just like you find the perfect wireless doorbell for your specific needs.

Over the years we’ve pinpointed a handful of qualities that you should consider before choosing your wireless doorbell. Our professional advice will help you discover the best wireless doorbell for your requirements, whatever they may be. Let’s get started..

Expandability - Before committing to one model or another, you first need to ask yourself how many push buttons and chimes you will need. Most residential customers need one push button for their front door and one for their back door and one chime located centrally in your house. For business or other applications, however, you may need 3, 4 or even more push buttons and chimes. Know how many extra units you require so you can be sure to get a doorbell system that will expand to your needs.

Range - Most of the doorbells we sell have a standard residential range of under 500’ between the push button and chime. This range works perfectly fine for 95% of folks, but if you have a larger house or are using these for a commercial application, you will have to pay more attention to the advertised range of the wireless doorbell.

You also need to keep in mind that the range you actually get out of your wireless doorbell will get shorter as you add more physical obstacles (walls, buildings, etc..) between the push button and the chime.

Aesthetics - Not only does a wireless doorbell need to function properly, for most folks it has to look nice, too. Our Jacob Jensen and Honeywell doorbells are definitely the most stylish doorbells that we offer. In fact, the Jacob Jensen doorbells look so nice, they have an award-winning design!

Additional features - Now that you have a good idea of what wireless doorbells would work for your needs, based on their range, expandability and aesthetics, we can take a look at some additional features offered in the various wireless doorbell models. We sell a Chamberlain doorbell that works as a doorbell/intercom, allowing you to communicate easily with visitors, delivery drivers, or customers. The Dakota Alert and Optex doorbells are compatible with driveway alarm sensors, allowing you to receive alerts from your push button and (optional) driveway alarm sensor on the same receiver/chime inside your home or business.



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