Driveway alarms: the foundation of home security


Driveway alarms have a wide range of uses; they can be used to alert you to visitors pulling into your driveway, let you know about trespassers on your property, or just keep you informed of wildlife activity on your acreage.  Regardless of your intended use, this fact remains the same: driveway alarms are the foundation of a quality home awareness system.

While most home security systems provide alerts after someone has already entered your house, driveway alarms can reliably and effectively alert you and your loved ones to activity on your property well before someone or something gets close to your home.

Wireless driveway alarms are an extremely valuable addition to any home awareness solution because they are cost-effective, simple to setup, they reliably provide advanced warning and are customizable to your specific needs.



Driveway alarms may just be the greatest value item you can add to your home awareness system.  They don’t require a monthly fee, they are easy to install, require no maintenance other than occasionally changing the batteries and range in price from under $100 to around $500.


Advanced Warning

With an array of driveway alarms that can be used at distances under 500 ft. or up to 4 miles from your home or business, you have the ability to be notified seconds or minutes before someone reaches your property.  


Customizable to your needs

Whether you need a sensor that only detects cars, a driveway alarm that can tie into an existing security system, or need to expand your coverage area with additional sensors or receivers, our driveway alarms are fully customizable to suit your location and work towards your home awareness goals.



No matter the use, driveway alarms are an integral part of any total home awareness system.  Their value, features and variety make them indispensable for anyone looking for advanced-notifications for anyone entering their property.  Shop all of our driveway alarms now or call an expert at 888-519-0413 to help pick the perfect solution for your needs.


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