If you're concerned about security on your property, a driveway alarm a great tool for your piece of mind.

A driveway alarm has two parts: a sensor and a receiver. The sensor is the part of the alarm that detects movement on your property. The receiver is a device that emits a sound to let you know when the sensor detects something. There are several factors to keep in mind when buying your first driveway alarm, such as transmission range and sensor options. 

Consider Transmission Range

Transmission range refers to the maximum range of the driveway alarm's sensor. This range is often listed in the alarm's title, as in the case of the 2500 Foot Range Deluxe Driveway Alarm. In this example, the sensor will detect up to 2500 feet in perfect conditions. However, some factors may influence the sensor's range, such as the presence of obstacles. Wireless transmissions will not function through metal, and they may need a larger range to fully transmit through other types of materials.

To choose the right transmission range for your needs, we recommend measuring the distance between the future locations of your sensor and receiver and adding 200 feet to account for minor interference. If there are many obstacles in place, you may want to purchase a driveway alarm with double the transmission range of your measurement.

Transmission Range Example

Let's walk through an example of how to find the right transmission range for your home. Pretend you would like to have your sensor at the end of your driveway and your receiver in your family room. The measured distance between the sensor and receiver is around 300 feet, then we add 200 feet to that to get 500 feet. You may think a 500 foot driveway alarm would work for your property, but you need to consider the obstacles present. There are several bushes and trees and a slight hill for the signal to go through, so a longer transmission range is likely needed. Doubling the original measurement of 300 feet would put us beyond 500 feet. In this instance, we would recommend the 1/4-mile Driveway Alarm.

Sensor Options

Some driveway alarms, such as the 2500 foot and 4 mile, offer a variety of options for sensors. You can opt for a sensor that is buried in the ground and detects metal from passing cars. Other options include a hose sensor that alerts the receiver when it is driven over. If you purchase the 2500 foot system, you can choose a beam sensor that is solar powered. Many people find the best option for their home is the all-purpose infrared motion detector.

Which System is Right for Me?

Now that you know what kind of sensors are available and how to calculate your needed transmission range, you may be wondering which driveway alarm system will meet all of your needs. Here are the specs on the systems we carry.

Sub-100 Foot Alarm

These small, inexpensive driveway alarms are useful for close range. Reported uses include keeping an eye on an equipment shed, letting you know when a salesperson is at your door, letting you know when your mail has arrived, and watching for animals on a small trail near your house.

Guardline 1/4-mile Driveway Alarm

This alarm is helpful for customers with average-sized homes. It has many of the features of a more expensive system without the cost. Customers often purchase this model to keep watch over a long driveway, and to watch their property for intruders or vandals. 

2500 Foot Deluxe Driveway Alarm  

Customers who own large tracts of land often choose this model. Their property may have a long driveway, and their home may have multiple entrances. The sensors are very durable, standing up to all kinds of weather. These alarms are very powerful and reliable.

4 Mile Range System by Dakota Alert

Many customers who purchase this alarm system are farmers with large tracts of land. The system could also be used at a small construction site for security and communication. The receivers for this unit also work as a long-range intercom, which can be used with walkie-talkies.

For help deciding which type of driveway alarm will suit your needs, contact us at the bottom of the page.



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