What you just read isn’t a typo. With all of the doorbells that we sell, you can have them powered up, installed and operating in less than 10 minutes - and you can do it all yourself.


While some of our doorbells require a few additional steps, overall, the process is very similar between them. For more detailed or customized installs, we recommend you follow the installation instructions that come with your specific wireless doorbell.


What you will need:


  • Batteries (check user’s manual for specific types, sometimes these are included)
  • Small phillips head screwdriver (to access the battery compartment)
  • Table or other clean workspace
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or screws and mollies


Once you have these items, there are just 5 simple steps to follow to get you up and running.


  1. Gather all Items
  2. Power up
  3. Turn up volume and pair
  4. Test to ensure proper settings
  5. Install


Let’s go over those steps in more detail:


  1. Gather all Items - First step, layout everything on the table. You should have a chime (this is the part that goes inside), a push button (this is the part that goes outside, next to your door), batteries for both, and either double-sided adhesive tape or screws and mollies to mount everything.
  2. Power up - With everything present, proceed to power up the devices by installing batteries or plugging them into power.
  3. Turn up volume and pair - Next, Ensure the volume is turned up on your chime and confirm your push button is paired with your chime. If the doorbell does not come paired from the factory, reference  your user’s manual now and follow the pairing instructions.
  4. Test to ensure proper settings - After your push button and receiver are paired, place your receiver and chime in the locations where you plan on installing them then press the push button to confirm it is working with your desired settings. If you need to change the volume, melody, or other settings, do that now before proceeding to the next step.
  5. Install - Once you have confirmed that your doorbell is working correctly, install your push button on the door frame using double sided adhesive tape. You can place the chime on a counter indoors or mount it on the wall.

That’s it, your new wireless doorbell is now installed and ready to provide years of reliable use. Be sure to check your user’s manual for additional settings.


Still looking for a new wireless doorbell? Look at all our available wireless doorbells now.


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