Maybe you just got your first Guardline driveway alarm and are excited to get it set up, or maybe you've had yours for awhile now and want to change the melody. Either way, take a look at our melody list below to find the perfect melody for you. We split out the list to help you pick between short, long and continual melodies.

Some quick tips about the melodies built into your receiver:

  1. You can press the melody button one time to advance to the next melody.
  2. To cycle through the melodies, you must repeatedly press the melody button. You can only go forward (from melody 1 to Melody 32). Once you get to the last melody, you will start again at the beginning.
  3. If you want to get to the beginning of the melody list quickly, use the switch on the side of your receiver to turn it off, then back on. Now when you press the melody button, the first melody will play.
  4. REMEMBER: If you want to change the melody that plays when your sensor is triggered you must follow these instructions. You cannot change the melody just by choosing a new melody on your receiver.


Short Melodies

1. Ringing Bell
2. Ding-dong
3. Glass wave
4. Pleasant chime
5. Birds
6. Clock Chime
7. Reveille
8. Grandfather clock
9. Indiana Jones theme
10. Jingle Bells


Long alarms

These two melodies will each play for 60 seconds before stopping. If you wish, you can press any button on your receiver to stop these melodies early.

11. Police Siren 
12. Ambulance


Longer Melodies

These melodies, for the most part, last between 5-10 seconds.

13. Barking Dog
14. Honking Horn
15. Bubbles
16. Classical melody
17. Haunting Organ
18. Upbeat Orchestration
19. Musical scale
20. Digital Phone
21. Simple tune
22. Eleanor Rigby
23. Dramatic melody
24. Tropical Marimba tone
25. Nutcracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
26. Oh my darling Clementine
27. Streets of Cairo (There’s a place in France)
28. Bright tone
29. Upbeat Waltz
30. If you’re happy and you know it
31. Harpsichord
32. Frere Jacques



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