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The batteries in your Guardline driveway alarm sensors will typically last for about 1 year, although that will vary depending on usage, batteries, and temperature extremes. Checking Sensor Battery Levels You can easily determine if any of your sensors have low batteries by looking at the Guardline receiver. Make sure the receiver is turned on and look below zone 3...

As you add more sensors to your Guardline driveway alarm, you may want to move some of your existing sensors to a different zone. In order to do that, you'll have to follow the instructions below. 1. If your sensor was previously paired to a zone, you need to clear that zone. Let's say that you have two sensors paired...

 All of our driveway alarms (with exception to the Chamberlain and any of the handheld Dakota Alert models) have 12v contacts built into them. These contacts allows you to trigger additional devices when your driveway alarm activates. How does a 12v Relay Work? To start, let's go over how your driveway alarm normally works. When your sensor (outside) is triggered,...

Here's Thomas showing us how to add an additional sensor or push button to the Guardline wireless driveway alarm. **Please note, the push button is only compatible with the 500' version of the Guardline driveway alarm. To read the transcript of this video, see below:   How’s it going today? It’s Thomas with Guardline Security, and today we’re going to...

  Guardline Products provide a two-year warranty with the following restrictions Guardline does not offer an exchange for a product damaged outside of normal use (non-wear and tear damage) Warranty valid with proof of purchase of a new product


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