This is one of the best features of wireless doorbells - installing a wireless doorbell will always be cheaper than installing a traditional doorbell.  Traditional, wired doorbells require an electrician to either replace your existing doorbell push button and chime, or in some cases, run entirely new wire through your house before installing the new components.  The labor for this alone can be in the hundreds of dollars.  Wireless doorbells are simple enough to install yourself, saving you the cost of hiring an electrician for the day.


Ease of use

With a traditional doorbell, if you need a new push button installed, you need to call an electrician and schedule an appointment.  With wireless doorbells,  you can have an additional push button paired, installed and operating in under 10 minutes.  Did we mention that you can do this all yourself?  Beyond the installation, you can easily change your melody, add additional push buttons, and adjust the volume.



Unlike hard-wired doorbells, which connect to a mechanical chime that only plays one sound, wireless doorbells allow you to choose from a variety of sounds, chimes and melodies.  Beyond that, with wireless doorbells you are free to place your push buttons and chimes anywhere you want and wherever is going to work best for your specific situation!



You will never feel limited with our wireless doorbells.  With most of the doorbells that we sell, you can add upwards of 4 push buttons to your setup and have multiple chimes in your house so you never miss a doorbell when you’re in the basement or upstairs in your room.  On top of that, you can designate separate chimes for each push button, so you always know which door your visitors are at!


On top of all these great features, we offer our amazing 30 day return policy on every product we sell at Guardline.  If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, or it just isn’t working out for you, you can return it to us up to 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund.  Beyond that, we’re available Mon-Fri at 888-519-0413 to help you answer any questions you have or help walk you through the installation of your wireless doorbell.


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