We Get Wireless Transmission

At Guardline Security we are all about wireless, it's what we do. Effectively that means over the years we have fielded a variety of questions such as, why can't my signal transmit through a wall or at home but it is fine transmitting from a quarter-mile out? We are constantly trying out new gadgets and testing every product we sell so we can offer you the best possible products. Through those years of experience and all that equipment evaluation, we've learned a few things about wireless transmission that we thought you would want to know.

Transmission Range

Ever wonder how they determine the ranges on those wireless devices? You've seen the products, like the 2500 feet driveway alarms or 1000 foot intercom systems. They test them, right? Of course they do, but not perhaps as thoroughly as you might think. These ranges are most commonly tested in an open, level field. One company, (on a rather humorous note) actually tests product transmission ranges at sea!

That's great, except it isn't real-world applicable. With walls, buildings, houses, trees and countless other obstructions that can block, deter or interfere with a signal, it might be nice to know what kind of interference issues are created by various sources and their effect on different equipment. So we have this handy chart that may be able to help you locate that source of interference, avoid it altogether or work on a solution to prevent it. 


Severe Interference

Metal siding or metal structures

Cellphones, microwaves, radio broadcasting towers, walkie-talkies


Heavy Interference

Concrete, electrical installations (power plants, power lines), shortwave radios

Plaster, thick glass, water, HD LCD TV's

Marble, brick, car alarms, FM antennas, routers


Modest Interference

The walls of your home, hills, trees, dense materials

Fluorescent lighting, neon signs, computers


Light Interference

Wood, glass, existing electronics

Synthetic materials



The one exception to this rule is our Guardline family of products. We vigorously test all Guardline products through a variety of obstacles in order to determine a realistic range. That means you can reliably use these products up to the specified range, and oftentimes beyond that range depending on the level of local interference.

Just consider it another way we at Guardline Security are working to give you the best in wireless devices. Contact us for any questions about wireless transmission issues or to find your next worry free and reliable wireless product.


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