Why Guardline: Episode 2 - Top 7 Uses for Guardline | Guardline Security

Our Guardline outdoor motion sensors were originally developed for property awareness, but over the years our customers have found dozens of other uses for them. In fact, some of our customers buy them specifically for non-security reasons.

We've helped our customers ensure their kids stay out of off-limits areas, notified gardeners of animals in their garden, and made sure folks know when the delivery driver drops off a package. If you're considering Guardline for your needs, but aren't sure if it will actually work for your specific setup, chances are it will (and one of our customers is probably using it for the exact same reason!).

To help show the unique ways that our customers are enjoying their Guardline system on a daily basis, I've put together a short, 4-minute video to share with you the top 7 uses for Guardline, based directly on customer feedback. Just click the video below to watch.



Do you have another use for Guardline that isn't mentioned in the video? Leave a comment below and we'll let you know if one of our customers is already using it for that or if you're the first one! If you want to learn more about the Guardline system, you can find our 500' system and our 1/4-mile system here.

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