Why Guardline: Episode 1 - What is Guardline and how can it help you? | Guardline Security

You're looking for an outdoor motion alert or driveway alarm to help keep you protected and informed on your property.  At Guardline, we've helped thousands of customers achieve just that, so we put together this short and effective video course to help you discover how Guardline can provide the solution you need for your specific setup. (If you are a Guardline customer already you may be looking for our setup or troubleshooting videos)

Each lesson focuses on one topic to give you a better understanding of our product and how it can help in your daily life.

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We're glad you're here, now let's dive right into lesson 1. What is Guardline and how can it help you? In this video I go over what our product is, explain the different models, and give you some ideas about how this can help keep you safe and informed.



As stated in the video, we offer two versions, a short-range and a long-range system. These systems can be used for a variety of purposes, such as notifying you the UPS or USPS delivery driver is at your mailbox, letting you know your dog is in the backyard, or alerting you to trespassers on your property.

Join us in the next video for a product demonstration to see exactly how easy it is to setup your Guardline and understand how you can customize it to suit your needs.


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