13 Cheap Home Security Ideas to Protect Your Home

13 Cheap Home Security Ideas to Protect Your Home

BURGLARY. Despite the word sounding extremely goofy, it is no laughing matter. It takes a lot of desperation and willpower for one to burgle, which means that we need to take every precaution possible to ensure our home, family, and belongings stay safe.


So, how do we go about securing a home? Most of us aren’t made of money, we can’t buy the top-of-the-line equipment that ensures not even a leaf makes it onto our porch without us knowing.

...So what do we do?

That’s where we come in, dear reader. From learning about the basics and security hacks on a budget, to the ins and outs of theft prevention and alarms to keep your backyard protected, get ready to learn 13 ideas for home security that will give you some serious peace of mind.

Home Security Basics

While home break-ins are relatively rare, they can be pretty traumatizing especially if you’re home at the time. The unfortunate part is that anyone can break into a place if they’re desperate enough, even with the most secure locks and windows. Scary, we know.
The good news, however, is that burglars are often running on a limited time frame. They need to get in, take stuff, and get out before being seen or caught. This means that burglars will often target homes that look easy to break into (no visible alarms, cameras, signs, scary-looking dogs, or protective devices in plain view).
This brings us to the better news, which is that not only is securing a home (or making it appear secure) super easy to do, it is also super cheap! A win/win for everyone (except the burglar)!

We’ve decided to break down our ideas into 3 categories: DIY home security on a budget, burglar proofing tools, and cost-effective outdoor alarms that can be installed in minutes to keep you safe and alert.

Let’s get started!

For Those on a Budget: DIY Home Security for Less

As we mentioned up top, we’re not all made of money, especially those of us who live in areas that are theft-prone. That’s why we’ve made a list of home security ideas you never thought of. Easy to find, easier to install, and won’t break the bank. Trust us, it’s easier than you think!

How to Protect Your Home Without a Security System

It’s hard to afford full-blown home security, especially in this climate. That’s why we homeowners and renters need to start getting creative with DIY home security and burglar proofing solutions that won’t completely drain our finances, but will keep us from constantly stressing a robbery. Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your home or apartment safe:

  1. Secure Shed and Doors with Heavy Duty Screws
    One way to protect your storage boxes, power tools, and other miscellaneous items? Screws! Any old thief can remove the hinges from a locked shed or door, which is why we recommend using Torx head or hex-head cap screws. They require special tools to remove!

  2. Replace Your Deadbolts
    If you’ve recently moved into a new house, chances are those deadbolts have been there for a hot minute. Prevent amateur lock-picking by replacing them with new ones (you can get them at any Home Depot, or by installing a deadbolt protection device that prevents the lock from turning. DIY home security made easy!

  3. Install Door and Window Barricades
    Arguably one of the cheapest (and easiest) home security ideas you can use. These are perfect for those with flimsy patio doors and windows that seem the most vulnerable. We suggest this auxiliary foot lock for patio doors, and this removable window security bar that locks in place with ease.

  4. Get a Lock Box for Spare Keys
    Insurance agencies will look for any reason to not cover you, and “no sign of forced entry” is one of them. Prevent thieves from finding your spare keys with a combination lock box. Great for guests, too!

  5. Install Window Locks
    A lot of old windows have broken or completely useless locks. If you’re not looking to install bars over your windows and feel like you live in a prison, try installing these budget-friendly window locks. (We made these home security ideas DIY for a reason - it’s always cheaper!)

  6. Grab Some Cheap Window Alarms
    If anyone tries to get in through your window, a great way to scare a burglar is by getting these cheap window alarms. Granted, they won’t tell you if any glass breaks, but they will let you (and the burglar) know that someone has been caught.

  7. Install a Fake Security Camera (or Grab a ‘Home Security’ Sign)
    Fake it till you make it! Amazon has fool-proof fake security cameras that take seconds to install, and only cost a few bucks. No robber has time to fully inspect whether or not a camera is real, but they will notice its presence when scoping a potential hit. You can also try these ‘24 hour security signs to keep burglars off your property. Securing a home has never been more creative

For Potential Intruders: Burglar Proofing Your Home

If the worst-case scenario ever happens and someone does break in, the next best thing is to be alerted (and alert your neighbors). Here are some great home security ideas to keep burglars on their toes.

The Best Tools to Keep Burglars Away (or Catch ‘Em in the Act)

  1. Install Timer Switches
    A fun way to confuse potential thieves when you're out on vacation or business event is to install light timer switches. These flick your lights on and off at random to make it seem like you’re home, even when you’re not! This timer outlet is cheap, and oh-so-effective.

  2. Install a Door Stop Alarm
    One of our favorite ideas for home security that doesn’t require any tools. This is a wedge door stop that slides underneath the door, and goes off if anyone tries to open it from the outside. Just make sure your family members know it's there!

  3. Sleep with Your Car Key Close By
    Unusual, but worth it. If you wake up to suspicious creaks and noises, grab your car key and set off the alarm. If anything, this will scare the burglar into thinking they’ve set something off. Not fool-proof, but good idea nonetheless.

  4. Get a Guard Dog (or Pretend You Have One!)
    If all else fails, dogs are great way to keep your home (and family) safe! Even if you don’t have the money, time, or space for dog, even a “Beware of Dog” sign can be enough to freak thieves out of stopping by your place.

Want some more burglar-proof home security ideas? Check out this blog on 10 ways to prevent a home burglary for more info!

For Outdoor Protection: Authentic Motion Sensors & Alarms

What about our driveways, porches, patios, and yards? They have to stay protected too, right? RIGHT?

Don’t worry, Guardline has you covered there, too. To keep yourself alert and ready for anything, we recommend our line of motion sensors and alarms!

For Long Distance Coverage: The Long Range Alarm

The Guardline long range alarm is ideal for long driveways and non-fenced yards that could use little extra security. Even in extreme conditions, these alarms have ¼ mile range, infrared technology that picks up motions and heat (that means no false alarms from leaves or sticks), and works day and night. Burglar proofing without the hassle. It even comes with 32 unique alert melodies.

If you need more coverage, you can attach up to 16 of our wireless extenders!

For Patios and Driveways: The Wireless Driveway Alarm

For shorter distances, our wireless outdoor model is ideal. Place your sensor within 500ft of the main receiver to ensure coverage within 40ft. Like our long range model, this alarm has infrared technology that picks up motion and heat with little-to-no false alarms, day or night.

Extra driveway alarms can also be attached to the receiver with ease for even more coverage.

With these, you’ll be alerted as soon as anyone suspicious gets anywhere near your property. How’s that for peace of mind?

Final Thoughts

We certainly hope these budget-friendly and DIY home security ideas have been helpful, and if they weren’t, don’t tell us because we are very sensitive (just kidding). Please check out our website for even more amazing home security products, and check out our blog for more tips, tricks, and advice to make sure your home and family stay safe and sound for years to come.

Sleep soundly, gang!



Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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