5 Tips for Halloween Property Safety


5 Tips for Halloween Property Safety

Depending on your perspective, Halloween can either be really fun or a major inconvenience. It’s a holiday that is based on people – usually strangers – coming onto your property. Regardless of whether you participate or not, there are things you can do to prepare both for people visiting your home and also when going onto other people’s property.

Tips for visiting someone else’s property…

 1) Make yourself visible

Add reflective tape or light-up jewelry to costumes and trick or treat bags, and consider carrying a flashlight. People who are up to no good usually don’t announce themselves, so if your neighbors see you coming, you’ll be received well.

2) Walk kids to the door

Some parents like to sit back and watch their kids knock on the door and shout “trick or treat,” but there are risks to letting little ones go it alone. Dogs, scary decorations, or potentially unfriendly greeters are all things you want to guard against. Let them do the knocking, but stay close by.

3) Don’t go inside unless you know them

Most people are well-meaning, but you shouldn’t go into someone’s home unless you know them. You become vulnerable when inside a stranger’s house. Someone may want to get a closer look at a costume or have you come inside to get the candy, but you should politely decline to limit your risks.


Tips for your own property… 

4) Make it clear

If you’re NOT interested in receiving trick-or-treaters, keep porch lights off to make your house uninviting. Parking a car across your driveway or consider putting up cones or some other barrier. If you have decorations out, your home will seem appealing for visitors, so take them down on the day of Halloween. If you ARE interested in receiving visitors, keep lights on and walkways and porches clear. (And just like when visiting other’s homes, don’t invite people in unless you know them.)

5) Set up a motion sensor to announce visitors

If you’re planning a Halloween party, consider setting up lights to be triggered by your Guardline outdoor motion sensor. It’s a festive way to announce that guests are arriving, and it’ll give you time to prepare.

This also works well to let you know trick-or-treaters are at the door. By connecting your sensor to a strobe light or string lights, you can be alerted they’re on your property and can be ready to greet them. It’s also fun for people to see your jack-o’-lantern light up when they’re approaching. 

It’s easy to connect your Guardline outdoor motion sensor to lights inside the home or on the exterior. Here’s a quick video that will show you how to both show your festive side and be prepared for people to come onto your property: Connecting Your Guardline Sensor to Lights.


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Until next time, be safe…

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