5 Ways to Secure an Urban Property

5 Ways to Secure an Urban Property

People with large properties have different security concerns than those in cities or neighborhoods.

They typically involve not being able to see certain areas that are far from the house, which is where folks like to trespass, dump trash, and hunt illegally.

But, what if you live in the city or a neighborhood?

You may not have to worry about people parking in far-off areas, but you still need to be aware of security risks unique to highly populated places. The safety of your property and family is important no matter where you live. 

Popular city-dwelling YouTube personality The Handy Man offers DIY advice from his “man cave” behind his house. He worries about homeless people trespassing on his property and about some recent break-ins in his neighborhood. Check out his story:


So, how can you secure your urban property?

1) Lights, lights, lights

Good lighting might be appealing to guests, but it’s a great deterrent for burglars. The bad guys are less likely to break into your home if it’s brightly lit. Place floodlights over or near windows, doors, and driveways, as well as your walkway. You can have specific lights or sirens set to motion sensors that can be triggered in certain places in your yard or in alleyways.

2) Eliminate hiding places

Remove any large bushes that create a space for someone to hide, especially underneath windows. Trim any low branches on trees so you can have a clear sightline throughout your yard. Opt for small flowers and shrubs for landscaping instead of plants that may grow large and block your view. Always lock sheds and garage doors, and make sure ladders and stools are out of sight and out of reach.

3) Reinforce doors

A shocking number of burglars enter through the front door (more than 30%), so make sure all of your doors are secure. Check that hinges are reinforced and that someone can’t get a hand through the mail slot to unlock it. Place dowel rods in the tracks of all sliding doors, and make sure to change all locks on new houses. Keep track of any keys you give out to friends and neighbors, and always keep doors locked when you’re home. 

4) Lock valuables in a safe

Even if you do everything right, you may experience a break-in at some point in your life. You can protect valuables by keeping them in a safe. Expensive jewelry, heirlooms, passports, and extra cash should always be kept in a locked safe to minimize the loss if you are robbed.

5) Invest in a Guardline system

Just like The Handy Man, you can use a Guardline outdoor motion alert system to alert you to activity around your house and yard. The first line of defense against break-ins is knowing someone’s there in the first place. With the option to add up to 16 sensors, there’s no part of your property you can’t cover. You can also check out some of the add-ons you can connect to your system, like flashing lights and sirens. 

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Until next time, be safe...


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