A Great Review by the AZ DIY Guy

A Great Review by the AZ DIY Guy



We were lucky enough to partner with the AZ DIY Guy who did an amazing blog post for us on the Guardline Driveway Alarm, it's set up, and how he's using it around his home.

From his article:

I’ve become uneasy with the idea of some of the smart home stuff lately. I know it’s inevitable; heck, I can have our refrigerator brew me a cup of coffee while laying in bed with a smartphone.

It’s the voice activated, always-on / always-listening thing that bugs me. It’s creepy that conversations within earshot are cataloged in the digital vaults of a companies with unknown motives.

I’ve read some articles that just give me the creeps. Maybe it’s not that bad, but I’m just not sure I’m ready to go fully smart home yet.

The Guardline is a premium outdoor DIY motion sensor alert system, but it doesn’t need to connect to the internet and share your private info. It’s high-tech, but simple and expandable. I had my three sensors mounted and working perfectly in about 30 minutes with the ability to expand to 4 zones with up to 16 sensors at some point if I want.


Here’s how easy the install went...  


And John's Verdict?

We’ve had the system working for a little over a week since I installed it. It’s working perfectly. We love the confirmation that someone is at the front door rather than wondering if we heard a knock. (Amazon delivery!!!)

I think my wife was ready to kill me when I was unloading a truck full of lumber into the garage. She was sitting in the living room reading (where I placed the base unit), when the Guardline and I treated her to an extended concert of the Indiana Jones theme song. The next time I was going to do some in-and-out garage stuff, I simply hit the pause button before I started.

This is a cool system. It’s a super simple and quick install. It’s smart, but not “too smart”. It’s not gong to share your info with the dark data-banks of the world.


You can check out the whole review here.



Hi, couple of questions: I’m in Australia. We have different power. Do you have an Australian version or will I be able to buy it s as me get it adapted for use here?
Second: if the answer is yes, would one of the sensors work inside my letterbox, because someone is stealing my mail.

Eva E Purdy

Does this pick up animals


Does it send a text?

Thomas Gustason

You left out the huge PITA factor of changing the batteries in the sensor.

Having to remove those four tiny screws outside, on a ladder, in the cold, is a real problem.

I solved it by modifying the mount to attach a strong magnet to the sensor, and screwing a steel plate to the wall.

Now I can bring the sensor inside to change the batteries.

By the way, I design things, and I consider this a VERY serious design flaw.

John K

Hey Angie, yes it can! You just want to make sure it’s properly angled so that it can pick up whatever you’re having the sensor watch for. If you want some tips for installation don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 888-519-0413 or by email at info@guardlinesecurity.com

Guardline Security

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