Allen's Story: How a Guardline Customer Caught a Car Prowler In the Act.

Car Prowler caught by Guardline Customer  "Without Guardline, I wouldn't have known..."

Guardline customer Allen Bryant is no stranger to property theft. Several months before buying his Guardline outdoor motion sensor alarm, his car had been broken into. He had security cameras at the time but they didn't notify him of the crime - he realized it only later.

After the criminals broke into his car, Allen searched for a product that would alert him to motion on his property and could connect to his smart home system - that's when he decided to buy the Guardline 500' system.


"Guardline Security Saves the Day!"


You can read Allen's full testimonial below. It was originally posted on our Facebook page here.


I have 6 IP Cameras at my house. Thing is most IP cameras only track ordinary motion. So anything that moves in front of the camera sets it off (Rain, Snow, Shadows, Lightning, Cats….). So, to make life easier, I just set the cameras to record 24/7.

Last October a group of individuals entered my property and searched through our cars, along with several of my neighbor's cars. Needless to say, I didn’t catch them until the morning when I saw the e-mail alerts from my camera and noticed my car door cracked.

So I went on the look for something with thermal motion detection, and a quick way to notify me.

I came across Guardline’s Driveway alarm and was a bit skeptical. It didn’t have any “smart” features, and looked pretty basic. Regardless, I ordered one and it showed up in a couple of days.

Setting up the outdoor unit was easy. I stuck it on a light post for testing and played around for a few hours.

The receiver was another story. I wanted to take this device and make it as “smart” as possible. So I attached the power adapter to a Z-Wave outlet, this way I could turn it on/off on a schedule.

Then attached two of the output contacts on the bottom of the unit to another Z-Wave Sensor. From there I was able to integrate the Driveway Alarm into SmartThings and get Texts and E-Mails whenever someone triggered the alarm and also control when I wanted the alarm on.

Needless to say things went well for the next several months. False positives were almost non-existent (the occasional cat would sometimes trigger it) and when it did trigger, we got the notification.

Then comes this morning. At 4:38 I am awoken to the not-so-familiar sound of Indiana Jones coming to save the day blaring from my receiver. Thinking it was a cat, I grabbed my phone just to check. I pull up the camera, look for the cat and then have to take a second and third look. There was someone in my girlfriend’s car!

I switched to my phone app, called the police and they dispatched 4 officers to the area. It was about 6 minutes after my Guardline triggered (4 min after I made the call) the officers arrived. They were able to arrest the person a couple of houses down.

When it came time to give the police a copy of my security camera footage, I was able to look back at the Text from smart things and knew exactly when the suspect entered my yard.

Without Guardlines’s Driveway Alarm I wouldn’t have known until the next morning…. If at all.


Unfortunately for all us, property crime is a reality that we have to deal with. It is up to us whether we ignore it or decide to take action to combat it. With the Guardline 500' or 1/4 mile system installed, you can rest easy knowing that your sensor (or sensors) will provide you 24/7 monitoring and alert you to any activity on your property, day or night.


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Hey Dean,

We haven’t heard of anyone plugging their sensors into an outlet, but that isn’t to say it can be done. In terms of using your sensor to turn on lights, you can connect your Guardline to a smart hub and window door sensor which will allow the system to turn on lights for you, or you could attach a strobe light if that’s what you wish. If you have any questions we’d be happy to help you.

-Guardline Security
(888) 519-0413

Guardline Security

Hi, I like this idea of the Guardian system. How does the Z-Wave Sensor, work, with getting texts, etc., as I don’t quite get this as I am, pretty technically minded on technical things. How does it work, out in the country, as I have open fields, next to me? If a deer runs out, say 200-500 feet, when I basically just want to watch an area of 50-100, what does one do, in this scenario? I don’t know if I have deer, running regularly in my field, don’t want to wake up at 3 AM, yet want to know if someone is out around my house, or barn.
Thank you

Theodore Redinbo

i have some interest in this product. but can the sensor be plugged into a 110 volt outlet as well as wireless? and can it be used to turn on lights as well?


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