Best of Guardline: February Roundup


So who’s ready for spring? This is the time of year when people are holding their breath for sunshine and warmer weather. We’re pretty used to gray skies in Seattle, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month…

Move over, Jimi Hendrix

Our resident rock ‘n roller, Simon, took a break to show off his guitar skills. We’re not sure if this is an actual song or not, but it’s still impressive. (If you ever hear music in the background when you call Guardline, it’s probably Simon. He’s an experienced multitasker.)

Best Customer Comments of the Month

“My dog learned to associate the alarm with someone coming, and he runs to the window to see who it is. He rings a sleigh bell hanging from the doorknob when he wants to go out. To come in, he just approaches the back door on the deck, and the Guardline alarm alerts me that he wants to come back in. Guardline is a terrific product.” – Mike F.

Our four-legged customers are our favorite ones, Mike. Tell him we said he’s a good boy.


“Being a USAF Air Police veteran and now a retired 30-year USBP Agent, I can tell you that if I had these in the field, I could have caught a lot more drug traffickers. While in the patrol, we used expensive bulky sensors that needed to be buried in the ground. With the portability of Guardline sensors, I could have deployed them without having to give my position away. Without a doubt, they would have been a great asset in the field. I have been personally using them since 2018, and they are still going strong.” – Manuel B.

We love our veterans, Manuel. We are honored that you love Guardline. Thank you for your service.


“I work as a security guard and use these sensors to set up a temporary perimeter while on shift. They work great for sites that have no security cameras or alarms. With these babies, I don’t miss a thing.” – Umar M.

We live for keeping the “bad guys” away, Umar. We’re happy to make your job a little easier. 


Favorite Tech Tip

Where should you put your Guardline sensor? The location of your sensor affects overall performance, and there are a few key things to know before mounting it. Joanna and Simon share three easy tips to help you locate the perfect spot for your sensor.

In case you missed it...

You probably know that Guardline can be used to let you know when someone is approaching your front door (delivery drivers, visitors, mothers-in-law, etc.) But did you know you can use sensors in so many more places to keep your family safe? Check out our popular blog post 7 Surprising Ways to Use Guardline for some ideas that’ll help you sleep a little better at night.


Rain or shine, Guardline is here to give you peace of mind. Helping you protect your family and property is what motivates us every day. Have any questions about our products or want to let us know how we’re doing? Drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, be safe…



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February 28, 2020

Can’t find book of info for the sensor. 1. flashing red at top with blue lite – figured out batteries need replacing? So go look it appears I have to completely unscrew sensor box to replace bateries? Is that so?

Guardline Security

February 28, 2020

Hi Sue, the red light flashing on the top of the receiver near the number one is just reminding you that you have batteries inside your receiver. To replace sensor batteries, yes you just need to unscrew the sensor box to access the battery tray.


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