Best of Guardline: November Monthly Roundup


It’s been a busy (and fun!) month at Guardline. We’ve been working hard to get ready for the holidays, including offering our biggest sale of the year.

We always love hearing from you about our products. Sometimes you have questions. Sometimes you just want to tell us how much you love our systems. Either way, you always make us laugh and warm our hearts. 

The best of customer comments

Here are some of our favorite reviews of the month:

But first… why is Simon holding this bottle of whiskey?

One of our customers was so happy with our product, they sent this nice bottle of whiskey to Simon along with this comment:

“WONDERFUL product. GREAT service. INCREDIBLE, RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE!!”    –Crystal G. (via Facebook)

Wow, Crystal. WE THINK YOU’RE AWESOME, TOO! Bottom’s up!

“My wife and I purchased two sensors and a receiver (as we have a loooooong driveway). It has been reliable and only took about 50 minutes to set up. We bought them three months ago. They work as they should. The hardest thing about the setup is which tone to pick. Worth every penny, y’all.” –Paul N. (via Facebook)

Tell it like it is, Paul. We hear you.

“My entire property and home are surrounded by cameras with speakers. I get a kick out of messing with the neighbor kids walking to the bus stop. And, yes, my kid is one of them. He says it’s embarrassing and creepy.” –Tim W.

We like your style, Tim. Embarrassing kids is pretty fun.

And on a more serious note, one of our customers was concerned about incidents of auto theft and vehicle burglaries in her neighborhood. With the help of our sensors, she took action:

“I just wanted to take a second to email you and tell you that I love [your] driveway alarm. I purchased some red and blue police-style vehicle grill lights and installed them just above my garage door. I ran a simple red and black 12-volt speaker wire from my upstairs bedroom through the attic and out the garage and wired up the lights. The lights will scare them away and the notification from the receiver will alert me to contact the authorities. Thank you for making an awesome product.” –Kevin H.

We don’t like bad guys either, Kristina. Happy to help keep your property safe.

Check out the YouTube video Kevin H. provided for what happens when someone triggers the sensor in his driveway:

Tech Tip

Ever wanted to attach a siren, ringing bell, or strobe light to your sensor? It’s a great way to diversify how you’re notified if someone’s coming, and can be especially helpful for folks who may be hard of hearing or have trouble seeing. In this short video, David shows you how easy it is to set up. (And, of course, we sell those fun add-ons for your system.)

What people are saying about us

We love hearing from our fans. Any time we get a shout out on social media, we get the warm fuzzies. A special thanks to AZ DIY Guy who listed Guardline on his 2019 Favorite DIY Stuff. You can check out his article here.

In case you missed it….

We care about protecting your family, pets, and property. (Clearly.) But we also care about helping you live a better, safer life. That’s why we bring you custom content with tips and advice that we’ve curated just for you.

We recently added a blog post about how to slow down and enjoy the little things, inspired by one of our fans: Tiny House NY. As we approach a new year, you may be thinking about how to make the most of your life. Check out our article on 5 Tips for Living a Simpler Life.

Not too late to save

If you were too busy digesting Thanksgiving dinner to take advantage of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, not to worry. You can still get huge savings on our most popular systems in time for Christmas. Make sure you've subscribed (you can do so in the footer below) to stay in the loop when we launch our next sale on our best-selling alert systems.

Until next time, be safe…

Guardline makes the perfect holiday gift!

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