Mounting Your Guardline Driveway Security Sensor: Best Practices

Guardline Drive Way Alarm Sensor Mounted to Tree

Mounting your security system’s sensors in the right way is extremely significant for your system to work properly and ensure it fulfills the purpose it was bought for. Below are three tips to properly mount your sensors in order to increase the efficiency and precision of your security system.

Tips for Mounting Your Guardline Driveway Sensor

Have a Plan B

Two plans are always better than one, so that if one fails you can resort to the other. If this is your first experience using a driveway security system such as Guardline, try to keep your options open while mounting your sensor.

Please remember that the location of these sensors can be changed later as well. So do not limit your options by identifying a single spot and believing that it is the only spot where you can mount your sensor. 

Instead, your first step should be actually standing in your driveway, consider its layout and identify more than one point where the sensor can be mounted.

Instead of using one sensor, mount two sensors on the same driveway, probably at different heights. This would result in proper coverage of your entire driveway regardless of which size vehicle is passing by. Even if you find out later that one of them is not actually capturing signals properly you can always change its position.

Don’t Touch the Dip Switches

If you are the DIY type and have already read all the instructions and installed the security system including setting up your sensors, you might get tempted to tweak the dip switches behind them in order to customize them according to what you consider is best.

We do not discourage that but we highly recommend not to play around with the dip switches.

First you should mount the sensors and test them, if they are capturing everything in their line of sight and are communicating effectively with the receiver than you do not need to adjust the dip switches. Otherwise, you can adjust them accordingly.

Check Your Security Sensor’s Angle

The sensors of the Guardline driveway security system are based on heat and motion. The question here is not just mounting them right but also adjusting their angle in order to maximize the probability of detection.

If you install them in a way that they are pointing straight, their detection may be limited when it comes to fast moving objects. Instead install them at an angle of 45 degrees.

Why install Guardline's Driveway Security Sensor at 45 degrees?

That’s because it expands the window of coverage. We would recommend testing this; you can check the efficiency by using your own vehicle. While you are at it, we recommend installing two sensors at 45 degrees in order to enhance the coverage.

Remember, you can always experiment with different angles and locations to find the one which best suits your driveway. 

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