Changing the Chime on your Guardline


With over 30 melodies to choose from, the Guardline family of wireless driveway alarms offers several different melody options to ensure you find the perfect one for your situation.  If your sensor has already been paired with your receiver, you can easily change the melody by following the steps in our video below.

If you'd rather read through this process, just scroll down for step-by-step instructions.


Changing your Chime:

  1. Have your sensor and receiver nearby.  Place your sensor several feet away from you and facing the wall to ensure that it isn't activated too early.
  2. Hold the "Learn" on your receiver for 3 seconds or until zone 1 starts flashing.  Once zone 1 is flashing, release the "Learn" button.  If your sensor is paired to a zone other than zone 1, press the "Learn" button to advance to the next zone.
  3. Press the "Melody" button as many times as necessary until you hear the melody that you want.
  4. With zone 1 still flashing, wave your hand in front of the sensor to activate it.  You will hear a double-beep to confirm that your melody has changed.
  5. Using the switch on the side, turn your receiver off then back on.
  6. Activate your sensor one more time to confirm that your new melody has been set.
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