Thomas walks you through changing the melody on either version of the Guardline Driveway Alarm

For a transcription of this video, see below:

How’s it going today? This is Thomas with Guardline Security, and today we’re going to be going over changing the chime on your Guardline Driveway Alarm.

Changing the melody on your Guardline Driveway Alarm is a very simple process that follows the same steps that you used when pairing your sensor and receiver initially. Before we begin, you want to make sure that your sensor will not be accidentally activated before you’re ready, as this will pair it with the incorrect melody.

The first step is to find the LEARN button on the side of your receiver and hold that for a few seconds or until your Zone One LED starts to blink.

At this point is when you want to find the MELODY button located right next to the LEARN button and press that as many times as you want to cycle through the available melodies. That’s the default one you might have paired now, so let’s go one past that. Great.

Now, to pair that melody with this sensor, all you have to do is activate your sensor, just as you did when pairing initially.

All right, at this point, you can turn your receiver OFF and then ON to exit LEARN mode. And when you activate your sensor, you should receive the new chime on your receiver. And selecting a new melody for your driveway alarm is as easy as that.

As always, thanks for watching. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out and contact us at Guardlinesecurity.com.

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