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When addressing the importance of cyber security during the cyber security awareness month, an area that is often forgotten about is the home front. Security awareness at home is quite essential. With a Guardline wireless driveway alarm, you will always be aware of anyone approaching your home.

Guardline offers comprehensive wireless home security systems that enhance your security at home. You will have access to a wireless doorbell, a driveway alarm, an outside motion sensor, a perimeter alarm, and many more.


What month is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity awareness month is celebrated every October. During the month, people are made aware of cyber security threats and how to protect themselves against such threats.

It is crucial to have a cybersecurity awareness drive because cybercrimes are on the rise. With most employees embracing working from home culture, their homes should have the best home network security system.


The Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is often overlooked when individuals are trying to protect themselves by upping the security in their lives. An expensive and hefty lock may keep the petty thieves away, but it will do nothing to protect your more valuable financial accounts, social security numbers, and private documents. Cyber security comes in many forms, and educating yourself on how to best protect your valuable online information is priceless. Don't wait until you need to call your bank and cancel your cards, or claim identity theft because you weren't protected.  


What are the types of cyber safety?

As part of the cyberawareness month, home owners must have cyber security tips at their disposal. The tips would enable them to combat any threats. There are many types of cyber safety measures that can be implemented at your home. These include:

Viruses and Malware Protection

The internet has been great for doing business and entertainment. It has also become a refuge for cybercriminals. If you are dependent on the internet to do your job, then it is essential to have antivirus and malware protection. This is crucial because cybercriminals will go at any length to steal your data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

VPN connection is one of the best security measures that should be implemented. It allows users to connect to public networks without worrying about their personal files or passwords being compromised. The data sent over public networks is encrypted, making it almost impossible for one to access the contents of the data.

Two-Factor Verifications

Ensure you use two-factor verification in your accounts. When using a two-factor, you input your password, and then you will need another confirmation for the account to open. It could be a text message from a linked phone or a code from Google Authenticator. Using the two-factor prevents hackers from getting access to your emails and stealing vital data if they access your password.


What are some home safety tips?

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you keep your home security system simple. Don't have multiple alarms. This will increase the chances of an alert being missed if there is a threat to your home.

Make sure you have a backup system in case the one you have failed. Being underprepared is being unprepared. Consider multiple options, so if one fails, there will still be a way for you to be alerted and notify emergency responders quickly.

Additional home safety tips include:

  • Make sure you know how the system works so you will be able to act quickly when there are real threats.
  • Do not disclose the password to anyone, ever. Only give the access code (password) when someone needs help with an issue related to your security system.
  • Be vigilant when sharing information about your life online. Never disclose private information about your home or family.
  • Assign responsibility for your security system to one person or more people who will ensure that it is working correctly.

How do I protect my home from intruders?

One of the most effective ways to protect your home is installing an outside motion sensor that will sound if anyone approaches your front door. This alarm system can also be configured to trigger a strobe light, which helps alert everyone in the neighborhood of someone who may be up to no good around your premises.

Additionally, another great way to protect your home is by using a wireless driveway alarm system. This device will detect if anyone comes into your driveway, for instance, after dark when you are sleeping, and instantly sound an alarm which can provide an extra level of protection to let you know that someone has entered the property.

Guardline's wireless home security systems also help keep track of family members. You can easily configure reminders for your loved ones, making sure they arrive home on time by using the wireless doorbell function to let them know when it is time to go or that they have arrived safely.

Keeping Your Home Safe

As we mark the cybersecurity awareness month, ensure you and your family are educated on the importance of cyber security. You should also invest in wireless house security systems that are secure and safe from outside intruders.

Choose Guardline as your wireless house security system provider. If you have any questions about making your home a security fortress, contact Guardline for a discussion.

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Contributing Writer: James Robert Scott

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