Is your land a magnet for trespassers? Does your obscure driveway seem to invite curious folks? Trespassing seems to be a hobby for some people even on posted land. If you are kept up at night thinking of new ways to keep your boundaries protected, the Guardline wireless driveway alarm can help. 

The Guardline driveway alarm is a wireless motion sensor system that alerts you whenever it detects activity. Perhaps wild dogs chase your livestock or coons eat your garden produce. Maybe you are prepping for uncertain times and looking for a way to protect your caches and home base? A heat detecting motion sensor is set up to a quarter-mile from its base making this driveway alarm work for just about any situation.  

If you are unsure if the wireless Guardline driveway alarm will work for your set up, check out this YouTube video from our good friend, Bryan with Survival on Purpose. Installation can be done yourself, you do not need strangers installing your security system. If you know how to turn a screw driver and install batteries, you can handle the Guardline. Stay ahead of the pack by adding an effective and affordable alarm to your homestead. Check out the video to understand why the unique features of Guardline make it the best driveway alarm and top survival tool.

Home defense starts with prevention and preparation. Always know your boundaries are clear with the best driveway alarm by Guardline. Add a highly adaptable survival tool to your arsenal and boost property security with the Guardline 500' or Guardline 1/4 mile alarm.


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