Homestead Security: Stay Safe Living Off-Grid

Check out this awesome YouTube video by our good friend Joe with Homesteadonomics detailing their Guardline alarm system and how to set it up for maximum coverage. The video offers some neat tips to gain maximum security coverage for off-grid living, and you can easily adapt his set up to fit your home and property. 

Imagine this scenario: it is late in the evening and you are hanging out on the couch catching up on news. The kids are strung throughout the house playing. Suddenly, you are startled by a knock on the door. You live miles outside of town and are not expecting company. Immediately you wonder if the visitor is a friend or foe. Wouldn't it be nice to be alerted of anyone or anything approaching your property? Even a few seconds could help you prepare yourself in the event of an unwelcome visitor.

How Guardline Protects Family Farms

The Guardline driveway alarm is the answer to the problem of homestead security. A driveway alarm is a wireless monitoring system that alerts homeowners of any motion detected by the infrared (heat sensing) camera. This system's potential is endless, from alerting you about varmints at the hen-house to monitoring your property's boundaries. Perhaps your kids are sneaking out at 2 am or worse, their boyfriend is sneaking into your house. No motion goes undetected and with a quarter-mile coverage radius, the remote homesteading family is an ideal fit.

Don't be spooked in the night by a "thump" in the dark. Know your family is protected with Guardline's driveway alarm. If you want the next level of security, choose Guardline and we will help keep you safe. 



It should show actual setup to give us some vision of distance it could work

Jesse Mash

I live around half a mile from black top secondary road.I am the last home on driveway. Unless I am out side and see a vehicle comin up drive way I would have no ideal any one was at my driveway.I realy need a driveway alert system.


Very nice, interesting, and informative video. Thanks much for taking the time to produce it and post it. I’m working the exact project so this was very helpful.


The films were done well, showing places to locate your products and how they work. They give you reason for thought and consideration. Thank you,
they have helped me to decide.

paul cauchon

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