How to Avoid Uninvited Home Guests


There is an Asian saying “Guests are a blessing of God”, but whoever said that probably had not experienced annoying, uninvited guests who show up out of nowhere, expecting to be entertained. The Middle Eastern people are famous for their hospitality, but did you know that they entertain their guests for three days and if their guests do not leave on the fourth day, they ask them to perform household chores. It is considered bad manners in the Middle East to visit someone without informing them and staying more than three days is also against tradition. 

Having guests can be fun if they don’t overstay their welcome.  In fact, there are guests you look forward to meeting even if they are uninvited, because you have developed a certain comfort level with them. Then there are your family members who you love being with, like your grandparents, parents, siblings etc. But you don’t share this comfort with everyone. 

And then there are those pushy, nosy and imposing guests, who you want to avoid at all costs. There could be a number of reasons for that; they are annoying, you are busy, they are nosy, you don’t like them, you are an introvert who does not like entertaining everyone, etc. For this contingency, you need to plan ahead. You need to devise a set of strategies to avoid these uninvited guests, for instance; 

  • Be bold and let them know. For some people subtle hints just don’t work and you need to be clear. Remember you are only protecting your privacy. That may sound rude, but it will definitely do the trick. Your unexpected guest will most probably leave and never come again. Consider the results before you think this is impolite. 
  • Hide inside, any place where they can't see you, let them ring the bell and wait for them to leave. 
  • Install a switch inside your home which you can use to turn off your bell. Thank us later for this one. 
  • Tell them you are observing social distancing because you have symptoms of Covid-19. That is definitely going to send them back and they won't show up for the next twenty days at least.
  • Ignore all the above and install a surveillance and security system so that you can see who is coming. Then you can decide which one of the above advice you want to follow. 

Nobody Wants Uninformed Visits 

Maybe the reason why you do not want uninvited guests is not because you don’t really like them, but because you don’t want them to see you in an awkward condition. Some people always prefer to be prepared and do not like surprises.

  • For instance, you might be on a date with someone having candle light dinner with roses and wine, which you definitely don’t want to share with unexpected guests.  
  • You might not have cleaned up in days because you don’t really care about hygiene and you don’t want them to know that.  
  • You are doing work from home and you have a busy work routine therefore you don’t have time for guests or at least that is what you want them to know.  
  • You have your friends over to watch your favorite ball game together and drink beer and exhibit weird behavior.  
  • You have an exam or a project ahead for which you have to prepare and which requires concentration. 
  • You already have too many people living in your home.  
  • You just want to rest after a tiring day or week. 
  • You are not well and have no energy to entertain guests.
  • You don’t have enough space to accommodate them. 

There could be so many reasons for not wanting uninformed visits. The above list is in no way an exhaustive one. 

Why It Is Important 

It is important for people to realize how to respect someone’s privacy. Arriving unannounced can create a lot of hassle for the hosts who are suddenly expected to leave everything aside and cater to the guest’s needs. 

Some people simply do not have time, some have a very tight work routine and may have their hands full. You might not be in the mood to meet anyone. You might be going through a difficult time and do not want to see anyone. You might have planned something for your children, like a visit to the zoo or watching a movie or taking them to a park and these activities will be disturbed if you have guests. You might have planned a day out with your friends or a night out with your partner. 

Regardless of what your routine or plans are, an uninformed intrusion is going to catch you off guard especially when it is someone who you don’t prefer to hang out with. You may not be in a financial condition which you would want other people to learn about, especially not the ones who ask too many questions. Maybe there are some family problems that you do not want anyone to know of.  The reasons can be countless and an understanding and considerate guest will be mindful of them. For others, you will have to take a different approach.

It is important to let such people know that you do not welcome uninformed visits because it violates your privacy and upsets your everyday routine. And if they have paid a visit, drop hints to let them know that you would have preferred it had they informed you of the visit beforehand. Make sure they do not repeat this behavior and that is only possible if you make them realize the meaning of privacy, otherwise they will take you for granted. 

How Guardline Alarm Can Help 

You can make a million excuses for not wanting to see uninvited guests and you can come up with as many strategies, but probably the best thing to do is to install a security/surveillance system that detects heat and motion so that you are informed way before time or before you answer the doorbell that who is knocking? 

Installing the Guardline alarm system can provide an amicable and much polite way of saying goodbye to unwanted guests without actually saying goodbye to them. Guardline offers wireless alarm systems with a range of 500 ft to 1/4 miles. It is a simple plug & play security device which is battery operated and is very simple to install. It is weatherproof and does not require any subscription. The device can be synced to your mobile phone and you can receive alerts regardless of your location. With the Guardline driveway security system you can select 4 different detection zones covering your driveway and around your home. You can add up as many sensors and receivers to enhance the coverage. These sensors are based on motion & heat and can work from day to night. 

Where You Need to Place it 

You can install the system in your driveway and add extra sensors with receivers to enhance the coverage all around your home, including the area surrounding the entry points of your home. Doing this would alert you whenever someone is near your door or walking towards your door. It is very important to mount the sensors at the right spot if you want to benefit from your security system. You can also experiment with the location of these sensors before deciding their most effective location instead of limiting your options by designating a single spot. Using more than one sensor would actually give you a better coverage of your driveway and you can clearly identify who just stopped to say hello. 


Having unwanted guests can be stressful, especially when you don’t get along with them or you are not in a condition to entertain them. Uninvited guests can show up any time without warning and upset your entire routine. They can disrupt your rest or work time, disturb your domestic life and agitate your emotions. Guardline driveway alarms and motion sensors when used properly and fitted at the right locations can not only enhance your security, but also identify unwanted or uninvited guests who give you a hard time by invading your space. So be informed before they throw a surprise at you. Using more than one sensor-receiver combo can provide coverage of your entire home, not just your driveway. You can identify the entry points such as your driveway and your door or even your backyard entrance. This will let you know beforehand regarding who is visiting your home and you can hide under the bed or pretend that nobody is there or use any of our weird advice above which can help you save yourself from uninvited guests.

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