How to Check Your Guardline Motion Sensor Batteries

How to Check Your Guardline Motion Sensor Batteries

The batteries in your Guardline driveway alarm sensors will typically last for about 1 year, although that will vary depending on usage, batteries, and temperature extremes.

Checking Guardline Motion Sensor Battery Levels

You can easily determine if any of your sensors have low batteries by looking at the Guardline receiver. Make sure the receiver is turned on and look below zone 3 to see if the sensor low-battery indicator is lit up. If it isn't then your sensor batteries are good. If it is lit up, then that means the batteries in 1 or more sensors need to be replaced. 


Sensor low-battery indicator diagram

If you only have 1 sensor, then you can just replace the batteries in that sensor. If you have multiple sensors, see below.

Multiple Sensors: Determining Which One Has Low Batteries

 If you have multiple sensors, then you can go into battery check mode to determine which sensor(s) has/have low batteries.

  1. Press and hold the BATT CHECK button on the receiver until the low-battery indicator LED comes on. Release the button
  2. Zone 1 will be flashing. You can now check the battery status for all sensors paired to zone 1.
  3. Press and hold the BATT CHECK button again. If no zones light up, that means that all sensors paired to that zone are good. For any zone that is flashing that means one of your sensors has low batteries. Zone 1 corresponds to the first sensor that was paired on that zone, zone 2 corresponds to the second sensor that was paired, and so on.
  4. Press LEARN/NEXT to advance to the next zone.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all zones are checked.
  6. To exit, press LEARN/NEXT to cycle through the remaining zones, or turn the receiver OFF then back ON.


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