How to Change the Battery for Guardline's Driveway Alarm

Having trouble figuring out how to open the battery cover on your Guardline receiver? Don't worry, just watch this video or follow our detailed instructions below to have your battery cover open in not time.

How to Open and Change the Battery for Guardline's Driveway Alarm:

  1. The first step to opening your receiver is to turn it around so you are looking at the back of it.
  2. While looking at the back, you should see a sticker with the Guardline logo and some technical information. Hold the receiver in your hands and place your thumbs just below this sticker as shown in the video above.
  3. With your thumbs below the sticker, push up. Feel free to give it some pressure. You will feel a 'click' as the battery cover comes loose.
  4. Once the battery cover is loose, you can remove it to access the battery compartment.
  5. To replace the battery cover you will repeat the steps you just followed, but in reverse order. Set the cover back on the receiver, then use slight pressure to push it down until it clicks into place.

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