How to Protect Your Property When Traveling

How to Protect Your Property When Traveling: Top 10 Tips

It’s that time of year when we make plans to be with family for the holidays, and that may involve traveling.

Anybody with a large property knows that being gone for even short periods of time is challenging. It’s not like locking the door to an apartment and walking away. There are animals to take care of, yards or fields to mow, and long driveways to keep clear and graded. And being gone for extended periods of time can expose your home and property to risks of burglary and trespassing.

There are a few key things you can do to limit the risks of being away and make sure your property, home, and belongings stay safe while you’re gone.

Here’s a quick checklist of the 10 top things you should do to protect your property.

Protect Your Property When Traveling Checklist

    1. Keep a radio on (turn it to talk radio), so if someone comes snooping around they’ll hear voices.
    2. Set TVs and lights on timers to come on and go off at certain times to give the appearance someone is there. Pro-tip: Did you know you can wire a light to your Guardline receiver that will come on when the driveway alarm is triggered. Here’s a how-to video.
    3. Keep a car in the driveway or near the house to make it look like someone is home.
    4. Have a trusted neighbor pick up mail. An overstuffed mailbox screams “nobody’s home!” You can also pause newspaper deliveries so they don’t pile up.
    5. Let local law enforcement know when you’ll be gone, so they can be on the lookout. They’ll probably do some drive-bys to make sure everything is ok.
    6. Depending on the time of year and weather, make sure yards and fields are mowed and weeds are knocked back. Overgrown areas of properties make it look abandoned.
    7. Hide valuables in a safe. On the off-chance that someone does break-in, your most important documents and belongings should be unreachable. Items that should go in your safe include jewelry, heirlooms, passports, and cash.
    8. Keep a low profile on social media. It’s fun to share pics and stories of travels and adventures, but remember that you’re advertising the fact that no one’s home when you do this. Hold off on posting anything until you’re back home.
    9. Ask someone you completely trust to stay at your property while you’re away. Also, make it clear who has the right to come and go while you’re gone. Write down guidelines for what to do while you’re away and who’s allowed to be on the property in your absence.
    10.  Consider installing a Guardline outdoor motion sensor. Whoever is staying at your house while you’re gone will be able to know as soon as someone comes onto the property. Whether it’s a delivery driver, a friend, or a trespasser, they’ll be able to react quickly and be prepared to either answer the door or call the police.

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                        Hi Linda, certainly! You can just switch off the receiver so that it doesn’t make any noise whenever the sensor is triggered. If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 888-519-0413 or by email at

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                        Is there a way to turn off the alarm if you are having a large crowd and don’t need to be alerted when everyone is walking around?

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