How to Use Guardline Driveway Alarm to Protect Your Vehicle


The world has experienced a sharp increase in population in the last few years. Lack of opportunities and growing poverty has led to considerable growth in crime rate worldwide. 

Car theft has seen exponential growth around the globe. During 2019, the car theft rate in the USA was approximately 220 reported cases for every 100,000 citizens. During 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic, incidents of car theft or attempted theft have risen sharply. There is a need, not only for protecting yourself and your family but also your assets, after all you have worked hard for them. 

Numerous security companies offer a variety of driveway alarm systems to protect your garage and vehicle. Before deciding which one to purchase you should consider certain attributes such as the range of transmission, installation method, motion detection precision, resistance to weather and additional sensors that can enhance the security of the device. 

How a Wireless Alarm System Works

Guardline is offering driveway wireless alarm systems in 500 ft range and 1/4 Mile range. It is a battery powered plug-and-play device and you can install it yourself by simply following the DIY instructions. The device is weatherproof and no Wifi or subscriptions are required. You can sync the device with your smartphone and receive alerts wherever you are.  

It has a motion detection range of 500 Ft, you can select up-to four different detection zones in and around your driveway. You can add up-to 4 sensors in each of the four zones you have selected while each sensor has a detection range of 40 ft. These sensors can detect motion and heat throughout the day, even during the night. 

You can also purchase an extra receiver-sensor combination if you want a wider range of detection. You should remember that security systems in isolation may provide security to one particular area, but for better security coverage of your entire home you may want to install outdoor floodlight security cameras and indoor cameras with motion sensors. Motion sensor doorbells would be another good addition to the security system of your home.  Secure your entire home instead of a particular area.

Pricing for a Wireless Driveway Alarm

The price of Guardline 500 Ft wireless driveway alarm for a combination of one receiver and one sensor is $99.0. Any additional sensor would cost you an extra $59, however you can choose from various offers and avail discounts when buying more than one sensor.

The price of Guardline 1/4 Mile wireless driveway alarm is $159.0 for one receiver and one sensor, with every additional sensor available at a price of $85.0 and you can avail discounted prices when buying more sensors. 

Guardline's Reputation

The Guardline wireless drive alarm system has received positive customer reviews and is rated among the top ten driveway security systems in the US with some websites giving it the top position in their list of security systems.

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