How to Use Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm if You Have Impaired Hearing

How to Use Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm if You Have Impaired Hearing

With ever increasing world population and security challenges pertaining to human life, residential and commercial infrastructure, security systems have now become a significant part of our lives. Whether it is homes or offices, public or commercial spaces, most of them are now monitored through security and surveillance systems. When you have a disability, securing your environment becomes all the more important.

Most security systems are equipped with a built-in alarm that sounds when there is an intrusion. These are usually linked with motion or heat sensors that detect movement. Some of these systems are monitored on a regular basis by security companies through payment of an annual subscription fee while some are self-monitored by the homeowner or office security staff. Some can be synced with cell phone applications and provide you live monitoring as well as alerts.

However, these systems may require a few additions or modifications for people with special needs. Someone who has impaired vision or suffers from blindness can hear an alarm and act accordingly but people who are completely deaf or those who have impaired hearing may not be able to detect the sound.

However, this issue is not something which cannot be addressed; in fact with just a few modifications your security system can be made more effective. 

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline manufactures high tech state of the art alarm systems for your entire home. It consists of a receiver, a sensor system and an alarm system. The receiver can be simply plugged into an adapter and requires no complex installation. One receiver can be linked to 16 sensors, strategically placed all around your home including your driveway, backyard, entry points and even windows. 

The Guardline security system is available in two ranges, 500 ft to ¼ miles. You can even add more receivers and sensors if you have a large area to cover. Once the sensors detect motion, they send a radio signal to the receiver and trigger the alarm. You can select from among 32 different sounds which have different duration as well as a different pitch. The pitch of these standard tunes is high enough to alert you as well as the intruder but what if you have a hearing issue? The same systems cannot be beneficial for someone with a hearing disability. We present you with three options that can address this issue and provide you with effective security coverage. 

Using a Strobe Light

Strobe lights discharge light in flashes, usually high in power and with intervals of milliseconds, the intention is to capture your attention. The resultant flash power is much higher and simply cannot be ignored. Developed for industrial and scientific purposes, a strobe light can not only be effective in capturing attention but also act as a deterrent for intruders. One or more strobe lights can be connected to your Guardline Security System covering different zones where your sensors are already installed. When the motion sensor is tripped, not only will the alarm system start ringing but also trigger the strobe light as the strobe light will be connected to your receiver. It will catch your attention as well as alarm the intruder.

Using a 12 Volt Siren 

 If someone is not exactly deaf but suffers from a weak sense of hearing, then installing a powerful siren can also be effective. A 12-volt siren is enough to produce a high pitch sound which will wake up your entire street. The high sound will also make the intruder run for cover. Like the strobe light, it can be connected to your Guardline Wireless Driveway System and provide an amicable security solution.

Using Both the Strobe Light as well as the 12 Volt Siren

The Guardline wireless driveway system can accommodate both the siren as well as the strobe light. You just have to use two receivers instead of one: a combination of one receiver, sensor and the strobe light and another combination of one receiver, one sensor and a 12V siren. This will offer extra protection and a much higher possibility of detection by the homeowner who suffers from impaired hearing or deafness.

How to Install a Strobe and a 12-volt Siren with Guardline Driveway Wireless System 

What you need? 

  • Two Guardline receivers; one for the 12 v strobe light and one for the 12 v sirens
  • Two Guardline sensors 
  • Speaker cable wire for connecting siren
  • Wire for connecting strobe light 
  • 12 v Siren 
  • Strobe light 

How to Connect a 12 Volt Siren to Your Guardline Driveway System

Follow the instructions below for connecting the 12 v Siren. 

  1. Plug in your receiver using your power adapter. 
  2. Remove the back plate from one of your receivers and feed wires for the siren through the small hole on the back side of the receiver. 
  3. At the back of your receivers there are 12 dip switches. 
  4. Take a screwdriver and ensure that you flip up the switch that corresponds to the zone where you want to install the 12 V siren. 
  5. Locate the positive and negative terminals.  
  6. First put in the negative wire which is black in color. 
  7. To do this press the orange switch and insert the wire. 
  8. Release the terminal switch. 
  9. Now follow the same procedure with the positive terminal. 
  10. Activate your sensor to make sure it’s working fully.  
  11. Use receiver’s dip switches three and four to select the duration of your accessory. You can have the accessory remain activated for one second, five seconds, ten seconds and up to a full minute. You can find the corresponding dip switch positions in your manual.  

How to Connect a Strobe Light with Your Guardline Driveway System

  1. Make sure your second receiver is also plugged in. 
  2. Connect one end of the wire with your strobe light while passing the other end through the hole at the back of your receiver as mentioned in point 2 above. 
  3. Locate the 12 dip switches and flip up the switch that corresponds to the zone where you want to install the strobe light. 
  4. Locate the positive and negative terminals.
  5. First put in the negative which is the black wire. 
  6. To do this press the orange switch, insert the wire and release the terminal switch. 
  7. Now follow the same procedure with the positive terminal. 
  8. Turn on the switches that correspond to the zone(s) on the receiver you want to activate. You can find the corresponding dip switch positions in your manual.  
  9. Set the duration of the strobe using receiver’s dip switches three and four.


With one receiver synced to a strobe light and another to a 12 volt siren, the Guardline driveway security system can provide additional and more effective coverage to your home especially for those who have a problem with their hearing. Guardline driveway security systems aim at providing a simple yet highly effective security system so that you sleep in peace and harmony without compromising your security and without facing any difficulty that may arise due to a disability.


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