How To Use A Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm To Keep Your Home Safe

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Keeping your home safe requires the help of Guardline wireless driveway alarms to alert the presence of people approaching the home. Outdoor motion sensor lights are one way to alert the household to movement outside, especially in the dark. Simple driveway installation can be effective in keeping the home safe by alerting the household if there is any presence of people, animals, or cars.

Guardline Security has been developing simple outdoor motion sensors since 2001. Its systems improved and expanded in 2011 to become one of the most reliable outdoor security systems. Their products have expanded from simple outdoor motion alert systems to easy-to-use driveway alarms with a longer range and wireless doorbells.

How does a motion sensor alarm work?

Motion sensors are placed in areas where most homeowners want to be alerted if there is motion when there isn't supposed to be. Some systems only use the motion to alert or switch on an outdoor security light, while other systems use motion and heat.

Sensors are triggered by movement detected by a car, large animal, or person in the area. Depending on the sensor it can detect movement up to 40 ft. away. Outdoor systems need to be waterproof and weather-resistant to meet the needs of an outdoor security system.

What is the best driveway alert system?

The best home safety system depends on your own specific needs. Your ideal range and the distance between the sensor and the receiver will be a large factor. Maximum range needs vary depending on the surrounding environment. It is recommended that property with dense forestry, metal walls, or hills use a long-range system for best results.

Guardline has been one of the top outdoor motion sensor producers in the United States for years. The sensors have been given awards by SafeWise for their reliability and continue to be the top outdoor security system seller on Amazon. You can trust that your home will be safe while using Guardline's wireless driveway alarm.

How do you pair a Guardline sensor?

Once you receive your DIY sensor kit, the first step to driveway installation is making sure that all the pieces are there. Check the unit's operations manual for the best setup processes for that specific model. Pairing should be basic and uncomplicated; yet, not completely understanding the procedure the first time might be difficult. To pair the unit, follow the steps below.

Steps for Pairing a Guardline Sensor

  1. Ensure that both the receiver and the sensor have power. The receiver requires a wall plug-in and has a backup battery for emergencies. The receiver requires four AA batteries.
  2. Turn on the receiver. Keep the sensor turned away from you.
  3. Press and hold the Learn/Next button until zone 1 begins to flash.
  4. Release the button and use the melody button to select the best tone.
  5. Once the tone is selected, wave your hand in front of the sensor.
  6. Turn the unit off and on again to complete the pairing.

How do you program a Guardline wireless driveway alarm for nighttime only?

Changes for the timing and day cycle switches are located in the Guardline wireless driveway alarms sensor. In order to change the timing of the unit, the sensor's sunshade needs to be removed. Follow the directions below to change the time or delay settings.

Steps for Changing the Time and Delay Settings

  1. Remove the sensor cover by removing the four screws holding it in place.
  2. Use the toggle switches to adjust the settings to the desired distance, time, and light settings.
  3. Reinstall the cover, screws, and sunshade.

How do you change the melody on a Guardline wireless driveway alarm?

Changing the melody is as easy as repeating the steps to pair the unit to the receiver. With over 30 tones to choose from, you can pair your tone to your home's current festive décor. Keeping your home safe should not force you to listen to the same dreary tune each time someone pulls into the drive. You can learn more about how to change the melody or chime, here.

How to change the battery in a Guardline wireless driveway alarm?

Checking and changing the sensor batteries should be done at least once a year. There is a low battery signal on the receiver that will alert you to the sensor's low battery. To change the battery, simply remove the sensor's sunshade and the four screws. Remove the dead batteries and replace them with fresh ones. Replace the face with the four screws and the sunshade.

The receiver is powered by the wall plug and should not need to have batteries. However, it does have a space for a 12-volt battery for backup usage in case the power goes out. Check the battery yearly for signs of power loss and replace.

Final Thoughts

Allow Guardian Security to help keep your home safe with wireless driveway alarms and wireless doorbells. Not sure which unit you need? Contact Guardian Security for more information and ordering assistance.



Contributing Writer: Tammy Jeannice

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