Have you had some questions about setting up your Guardline driveway alarm? Maybe you're unsure of where to install your sensor or what to consider before installing it? If so, don't worry - you're in good company. Our friend JJ Johnson got his hands on one of our Guardline driveway alarms and put together an excellend video walking you through the install process.

If you own a home, perhaps you're fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where you never have to be concerned about who might wander on to your property. For the rest of us, a measure of protection and surveillance to know what's happening around our houses ranges from useful to imperative. Driveway alarms can serve an importance purpose in reaching this goal, alerting you when anyone enters your property, so you can be aware of their presence and see them before any problems start.

What's important to take away from this is more than just 'driveway alarms are useful'; there are a variety of features that go beyond simple alerts, such as the ability to program multiple zones so you know exactly where someone is. For homeowners with a substantial amount of land, or who want zones set up in several specific locations (behind or to the side of a garage, front yard and backyard, and so on), it's also possible to link several of these systems so that they work in conjunction, offering maximum coverage with the fewest possible units. All in all, driveway alarms are a simple and effective method of protecting your property.


For more information, check out the 500' Guardline or 1/4 mile Guardline alarm here.

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October 03, 2017

Thanks so much. I will install mine today, after seeing the ease which you showed. Cheers, Gail


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