Keep Your Family Safe With These 6 Home Security Systems

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Whether you are purchasing a new home or your family is growing bigger, one of the first thoughts you’re likely to have is how to keep your home and family safe. No matter where you live, it is always smart to incorporate additional security measures, like a wireless alarm system, to support that goal. 

These tips will help you put your security in your own hands and feel confident in your family’s safety. 

1. How do DIY home security systems work?

Do-it-yourself security systems are easy to set up, but how exactly do they do their job? Many of these home security systems are electric or connect to your phone via apps, WiFi, and Bluetooth. 

Electric home security systems (like Guardline’s driveway alarm system) have receivers that connect to sensors placed around a property (entry doors, windows, driveways, etc.) When motion is detected through the sensors, a signal is sent back to the receiver and a sound is emitted to alert of any possible trespassing.

Smart home security systems protect your home too but they also give you around-the-clock, on-the-go access to things like security footage and alarm trips. Like other security systems, when the alarm is on and someone breaks or walks in, it will alert you either through an alarm or by contacting you through your phone. 

With DIY home security systems, everything you need to get started is shipped to you for easy setup!

2. What kind of home security systems are there? 

There are a variety of home security systems, including DIY installs, traditional systems, smart home security, wireless security alarms, and even solar-powered home security systems. 

While many of these home security systems are important for indoor purposes, you shouldn’t forget about protecting outside areas. Outdoor alarm systems are great as a first line of protection for your property and provide an extra layer of security.

But if you’re worried about the hassle of setting up an outdoor security system, you should invest in a DIY installation. The nice thing about these do-it-yourself systems is that you have the ability to customize them to fit your home and family’s needs. For example, wireless DIY installs like our outdoor motion systems can support up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers to provide flexibility and cover your whole property.

3. Are home security systems worth it?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting a home security system. Here are a few noteworthy benefits that can make a home security system a worthwhile investment:

  • Protection from burglars might be the most obvious reason, but home security systems can also help alert you of approaching visitors, deliveries, or animals. 
  • You’ll have an extra “pair of eyes” making sure everything is okay when you are sleeping or away traveling. 
  • Having a home security system can also reduce your home insurance premiums. 

4. What is the Best Home Security System?

Looking for the right home security system can be overwhelming since there’s a range of factors to consider. For example, you need to think about your house size, the distance covered by the security system, and the connectivity of the system, just to name a few. So, how do you decide what the best home security system is?

Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re looking for; there’s no one-size-fits-all type of home security system. So when you’re looking for the right fit, choose the one that gives you the safety features you need and want to protect your home properly.

If you’re not sure about what to look for in a good home security system, here is a list of factors that you should consider before making a decision:

  • Easy installation: When it comes to securing your home, you’ll want the installation process to be easy and doable to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  • Wireless: If you’re tired of the hassle of tangled wires, look for a home security system that’s wireless; these are especially easy to set up and use!
  • Customizable & expandable: If you want to protect your home properly, you’ll need a security system that allows you to customize and maximize the protection features. For example, adding more sensors and receivers around your property provides more flexibility and safety.
  • Durability: Whether it’s gusty winds, heavy rains, scorching heat, or snowstorms, you’ll want a home security system that can withstand any type of weather and environment.
  • Value: Some home security systems can be a bit pricey, so you may want to consider looking for one that’s well within your budget and still gets the job done.
  • Portability: Some days are busier than others and you’ll be out and about all day. However, portable home security systems allow you to check-in anytime and anywhere!
  • Good for kids: If you want an extra eye on your little one, you may want to invest in a security camera that will move up, down, and side to side to monitor their every move.
  • Pet-Safe: Make sure your pet is safe from harm at home with a home security system that allows you to check on them in real-time (even if you’re out of the house).

  • 5. If I don’t have a security system, what are some easy home safety tips?

    Home security systems aren’t for everyone, but keeping your home safe is. 

    Window and door locks are a great way to protect your home as you are asleep or out of town. This also includes locks for gates around your yard. Inside, keep items like guns behind locked doors to prevent potential intruders from accessing them. 

    If you are going to be gone overnight, it’s best to keep a light on in order to give an impression that you are still at home. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check in on your property every so often if you will be out of town for long. In addition, make a point to not post on social media until after you get back from your vacation as that can signal that you aren’t in town or at home. 

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    What is the most dangerous thing in your home?

    Often when we think about home security we think of keeping family members and pets safe inside the house. 

    But there are plenty of items within your home that can be harmful as well. This can range from the more obvious items like guns, poison, and medicines to smaller items like batteries and liquid laundry packets.

    It is best to address each problem individually in order to protect your loved ones and pets. 

    • For guns, medicines, and poisons, hide them behind a lock and key in order to keep them away from being easily accessed. 
    • For household chemicals like laundry packets or even batteries, keep them high from young children and curious pets. Invest in baby locks, if need be. 
    • Turn off appliances like a space heater or strove before you leave the house. 
    • If you have broken windows or a leaky roof, it’s best to have them checked out and fixed as soon as possible. These home damages can leave you more susceptible to natural disasters and intruders can take advantage of broken windows to enter your home. 

    6. What are the downsides to home security systems?

    There are a few disadvantages when it comes to security systems. One is that they can be a bit pricey. Sometimes you not only have to pay for the equipment (and set-up if you aren’t doing it yourself), but also for monitoring services. This can land a blow to your budget. 

    There are also times where a security system has a false alarm. The police and fire departments may end up outside your home and you will have to explain the accident. Some departments may even charge you for false alarms.

    Lastly, if your security system is connected to your phone line, a burglar could easily cut it and shut down the system. It’s best to choose a system that has multiple backup radio systems to protect your home.


    Regardless if you live in a mansion, an apartment, are on the go in an RV, or need just something to make you feel safer, there are plenty of home security systems that match your needs. With fast and easy setups and systems that can easily be accessed from the phone in your pocket, you will feel more secure in no time. 

    Contributing Writer: Marena Galluccio

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