How to Change The Chime on Your Guardline Driveway Alarm


One of the things that might have drawn you to purchase a Guardline wireless driveway alarm might be the variety of chimes and melodies that we offer. As you're setting it up, you might be wondering: how do I actually change the chime? We are here to help guide you through the process – and answer some other setup-related questions.

What Kind of Chimes & Melodies Are There? 

Guardline Security offers short, medium, and long alarms and melodies for the wireless driveway alarms. The 32 options are in order of what we consider Short Melodies, Long Alarms, and Long Melodies. Here is their order:

Short Melodies (1-2 seconds) 

  1. Ringing Bell
  2. Ding-dong
  3. Glass Wave
  4. Pleasant Chime
  5. Birds
  6. Clock Chime
  7. Reveille
  8. Grandfather Clock
  9. Adventure Theme

Long Alarms (1-2 minutes)

  1. Police Siren (60 seconds)
  2. Ambulance (60 seconds)
  3. Jingle Bells (2 minutes)

Long Melodies (5-10 seconds)

  1. Barking Dog
  2. Honking Horn
  3. Bubbles
  4. Classical Melody
  5. Haunting Organ
  6. Upbeat Orchestration
  7. Musical Scale
  8. Digital Phone
  9. Simple Tune
  10. Eleanor Rigby
  11. Dramatic Melody
  12. Tropical Marimba Tone
  13. The Nutcracker - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
  14. Oh My Darling Clementine
  15. Streets Of Cairo (There’s A Place In France)
  16. Bright Tone
  17. Upbeat Waltz
  18. If You’re Happy And You Know It
  19. Harpsichord
  20. Frere Jacques

You can easily cycle through and listen to these chimes and melodies by pressing the “Melody” button on your receiver. However, this will not set up the new choice in alarm. We’ll walk you through how to do this in the following section.

How to Change Your Guardline’s Alarm, Chime, or Melody

Changing your wireless driveway alarm is very simple. Now that you’ve chosen your preferred chime or melody, you need both your sensor and receiver to follow these instructions:

  1. Place the sensor several feet away from you. Make sure that it is facing a wall so it will not activate too early. 
  2. Hold the “Learn” button on your receiver down for about three seconds or until Zone 1 starts flashing. Release the “Learn” button. Note: If your sensor is paired to a different zone, press the “Learn” button again to advance to the next zone.
  3. Press the “Melody” button on the receiver until you hear your preferred melody or chime. 
  4. With Zone 1 still flashing, wave your hand in front of the sensor to activate it. A double-beep will alert you that the melody has been changed. 
  5. Turn your receiver off before turning it back on using the switch on the side. 
  6. Activate your sensor one more time to make sure that your new alarm has been set. 

Additional Questions On Setting Up Your Guardline Driveway Alarm

How do you program a Guardline wireless driveway alarm? 

Programming is a breeze with Guardline Security. Simply make sure your sensor and receiver are both charged before pairing them together. After this, install it in your desired location. 

How do you pair a Guardline alarm?

  1. Make sure your receiver is turned on and that the volume is turned up. 
  2. Next, hold down on the “Learn” button on the receiver for a few seconds or until Zone 1 lights up. You can select a chime under the “Melody” button now. 
  3. Activate the sensor by waving your hand over it. The sensor should beep in response. 
  4. Now click “Learn” until you cycle through the zones until they no longer blink. You have left “Learn” mode. 

You can watch how to do this here

How do you install a Guardline wireless driveway alarm?

Installing your Guardline driveway alarm is simple. Mount the sensor at least three feet high and then test your sensor to make sure it works. You can watch how to program your system here

How do I reset my Guardline sensor?

In order to clear a zone, hold down on the “Learn” button until Zone 1 lights up. Either stay on Zone 1 or hit the “Learn” button until you reach the zone you want. To clear the zone, hold down the “Pause/Reset” button until you hear a beep. Turn the receiver off and then on again. 

How do I pair multiple Guardline sensors? 

  1. Make sure that each sensor is facing away from you and not next to each other so you won’t accidentally pair the wrong sensor. 
  2. Follow the regular pairing instructions for pairing one sensor in the desired zone.
  3.  Once complete, do not turn it off. 
  4. Instead hit the “Learn” button to go to the next desired zone and repeat the regular pairing instructions again. 
  5. Once you have paired all of your desired zones, turn it off and turn it back on. 

Final Thoughts on Guardline Driveway Alarm Systems

Changing your Guardline chime should be simple, easy, and add some fun to your alarm system. That’s why we created and included 32 different options so you can find your perfect melody. Scroll through them and switch it to your best alarm option. 

To learn more about your Guardline products, such as the Guardline driveway alarm manual, click here.

Contributing Writer: Marena Galluccio

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