Prevent Package Theft This Holiday Season: Home Security Solutions

Prevent Package Theft This Holiday Season: Home Security Solutions

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking forward to the joy of gift-giving and the excitement of receiving packages at our doorsteps. However, along with the rise in online shopping comes an increase in package theft. Yes, package theft is a definite cause for concern across virtually all neighborhoods. A Forbes article revealed that nearly eight in ten Americans had a package stolen in 2022 amounting to 260 million packages and $19.5 billion dollars.

So the big question is, how do you keep your package safe from porch pirates this holiday season? This blog discusses the top actionable strategies to stop your package from getting stolen using smart home security solutions. Let's dive right in! 

Smart Lockers are Excellent in Fighting Package Theft

Do you live in a residential community where the chances of your neighbor mistaking your package for theirs or stealing it is high? If so, a smart parcel locker could be all you need to protect and secure your packages physically. 

Unlike cameras, doorbells, and alarms that are only excellent at deterring intruders, smart lockers guarantee that the package is 100% inaccessible to the wrong person. But how does the solution work? Simple! You receive an instant notification once your delivery arrives, and it comes with a unique code which you'll need to locate and retrieve your package from the mailroom. 

Wireless Driveway Alarms Detect Intruders

Detecting and wading off home intruders and package pirates has never been easier with wireless driveway alarms. The smart device comes with motion sensors that alert the homeowner if someone approaches your property within a specific radius. You may also use the driveway alarm to trigger the security camera, which can help you tell a visitor apart from a package thief. 

Other Package Theft Prevention Tips

On top of the smart home security solutions above, you can also implement these preventive measures to protect your packages from porch pirates: 

  • Extend package pick-up hours. If you live in a community residence, you should consider talking to your property manager to extend package pick-up hours in the common area. This guarantees that your package is well-kept until you return home. 
  • Electronic Tracking: Most shipping services have the ability to get updates on your package. Check-in on that tracking link to make sure you know when to expect your delivery.
  • Choose signature deliveries. Reputable delivery companies like USPS offer signature confirmation services, requiring residents to provide their signatures and confirm the package's receipt. You should consider signing up for such an arrangement to eliminate the chances of your package getting delivered to the wrong address or being stolen. 
  • Get Amazon Key. Amazon Key is a stunning technology that combines a security camera and smart lock, allowing the delivery service to lock your package inside your front door. Of course, this is an option you should explore only if you're OK with letting strangers inside your house. 
  • Use a pick-up location. Suppose your residential apartment doesn't have a functional mailroom, or you have nobody left at home. In that case, you should consider having the package sent to the nearest FedEx or UPS pick-up location. PO box is also a valid option if you prefer Post Office pick-ups. 
  • Choose a convenient delivery time. Some services allow you to choose a befitting delivery window on the day you're expecting the package so that you'll be home when it arrives. 

Package Theft Frequently Asked Questions

Where do packages get stolen the most?

Package theft is likely to occur in an apartment building or community residence for apparent reasons. That is, they accommodate several people (unlike standalone homes) and lack adequate home security solutions. 

How high should you mount your security camera?

7-8 feet is the appropriate height to mount your surveillance camera. At that level, it's close enough to the ground to capture images of people and property while at the same time above the effortless reach of a potential vandal or porch pirate. 

Who is liable for a stolen package?

Often, the responsibility lies upon the seller or the delivery service to ensure you receive your package. So if you're confident that your package was stolen, you may file a complaint with the seller or sender for a replacement or refund. 

Conclusion: Prevent Package Theft with the Best Home Security Solution!

There you go! Package theft may be a major issue in the US, but that doesn't mean you have to be part of the statistic. In fact, you can play a role in reducing porch piracy nationwide by investing in innovative home security systems like wireless doorbells, driveway alarms, smart locks, and more. Further, implementing actionable best practices like extending pick-up hours, getting Amazon Key, choosing signature deliveries, etc., gives package thieves no chance. 

So what are you waiting for? Guard your world with Guardline security products today and remove porch piracy off your worry list once and for good! 


Contributing Writer: Karen Hernandez

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