Rural Property Features to Consider

Rural Property Features to Consider

Many people believe that having a security system is more important if you live in an urban area because of the high crime rate prevalent in urban and suburban localities.

While living in a rural area may offer a calm and peaceful lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you should compromise on safety precautions. In fact, protecting your rural property becomes more important because it is riskier living in a remote and isolated place such as a country home for a number of reasons.

Therefore, you need additional security measures to keep your property safe, especially if you have a large piece of land.

Why is home security important in rural areas?

Limited Wifi Access

Very often people living in country areas complain of having no or limited wi-fi which can be very frustrating as it impacts everything. Lack of this facility doesn’t let the country-home owners benefit from wi-fi enabled security solutions. Therefore, it is important to get a security system that works in all scenarios.

Long Waiting Times for Police

Since rural properties are in secluded areas, they make easy targets for burglars. They do not have to worry about watchful neighbors or passing by traffic. Also, the robbers know that if anyone calls for help, it won’t come as quickly as in urban places. Living far off means that access to police or other emergency services can take more time to reach you, which works well for intruders who are looking for opportunities to break in.

Large Areas to Keep Track of

Rural properties often spread over large acres of land and it is quite difficult to protect it from every direction, unless you have a proper security system installed. Video surveillance in such scenarios is helpful especially if you have sheds, farms, driveways, ranches, backyards, cabins and other such structures that you want to keep an eye on 24/7.

Since help can take time to reach you if any unfortunate incident happens, security video cameras can buy you the time to notify the concerned authorities. Having smart security solutions not only serves as a deterrent against burglary attempts, but you can also watch the video footage while sitting remotely through your smartphones and take the necessary precautions. You can also see what is happening in any corner of your country home and if you have livestock then it is an ideal way to keep a watch on them as well.

Features to Consider

When it comes to picking the right security system for your remote or small town property, there are many options and the decision can get confusing. So let us make things easier for you. Here are some points that you need to consider when installing a security system for your country property.


Having a smart security system that can be expanded to cover every inch of your property is crucial. You will want to protect all areas that pose risks or are easy entry points for intruders. Since rural properties tend to be larger you will need systems that offer expandable security solutions. To cover this aspect you need a customized security solution and the Guardline security system can be your answer.

With a Guardline wireless driveway alarm you can choose as many sensors as you want. These sensors of the outdoor driveway alarm system can be expanded and installed in any area that you think poses a threat to your security. The driveway alarms can be expanded to as many 16 sensors or four zones that can detect motion in different areas of your country home. Usually these will be more than enough, but if you still want more sensors then you can get another receiver for them.

With one receiver you can have 16 motion sensors. Guardline driveway sensor alarms come in two distance ranges, one covering 500 ft from the receiver and the other with the capability of placing the sensor as far as 1/4 mile away from the receiver. Which one suits you depends on your area, type of property and security needs. It is also advisable to have more receivers in the house or garage, so you do not miss any alerts. If anyone enters your property you will be notified immediately.

Distinguishing Property Zones

When you install security devices in your property, you should know every nook and corner of it and understand the key areas that need to be monitored. Most important of course are the boundaries. You can also get a security survey of your property done, if you want professional advice.

After identifying the property assets or vulnerable areas that need protection, you can have the sensors installed at the right places and angles so that nothing escapes from the security surveillance or motion detectors.

To make the gadgets work more effectively, it is best to have systems that alert you which area of your property has triggered the alarm. Guardline Driveway alarms offer the property to have four zones with each zone having four sensors and each sensor can have its own distinguishable alert.

You can select from more than 30 different alert tones for each of the sensors. This will help you easily identify which area is being intruded or has triggered an alarm, without panicking and needing to check on every area.


Connectivity is a major issue in country homes, so it will not be sensible to go for security systems or devices that depend on wi-fi. Guardline Security Driveway alarms are reliable and will not fail you when you need them. They depend on radio frequency so you need not worry about lost connection or a bad network.

Alert Trespassers

If you want to know when anyone enters and leaves your property then Guardline Driveway Security alarms will do this job for you, because it never misses a beat. Not only will it notify you whenever there is any movement in your premises by triggering an alert, but it can also alert the intruder. And sometimes an alarm is enough to discourage or scare the person into leaving the property.

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