The Family at Acre Life Test Our Guardline Driveway Alarm

The Family at Acre Life Test Our Guardline Driveway Alarm

Stephanie is the blogger over at Acre Life. She was looking for a do it yourself solution to her home security and to get alerts around the farm. They put the Guardline Driveway Alarm to the test:

Pairing the Guardline Sensor to the Receiver

Stephanie gave a great walkthrough of how to pair the sensor and receiver, showing everybody how easy it is to get started:



And the Verdict

From their great breakdown, Stephanie spoke about the great distance and dependability.

We’ve had the system installed for about a month and it has worked great. Our friend stores his trailer in the back next to our tractor. When he came to pick it up the other day I was alerted when he came up the drive. Then when he drove beside the building. And finally when he hooked up the trailer. I also knew exactly when he left the property.

I have heard an occasional alert but didn’t see anyone outside. So it was most likely a bird. It doesn’t happen often so I don’t view this as a negative. I would much rather have a few false alarms than have an unannounced visitor at the door.


You can check out the ENTIRE REVIEW HERE

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How many sensors does it come with and do you have anything that will hook up to your phone for notification?

Don Adcock

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