Halloween Safety: Tips to Keep Your Property Safe and Ghoul Free

two kids wearing Halloween costumes outside their house

Halloween. Your favorite spooky holiday, or a trigger for sweaty suppressed memories to re-emerge – ones of finding an oversized 11yr old dressed as Freddie Kruger waiting at your front door, perhaps? Just me? Fear not, I have my therapist on speed dial.

If, like me, you also have shudder inducing nightmares of Halloweens gone by, today is your lucky day.

There are the usual security solutions designed to help you survive fright night: getting a big, loud dog, never leaving the house, and setting up a well-oiled neighborhood watch team in record time… and then there are these.

Keep those peepers peeled for our handy Halloween safety tips from beyond the veil, helping keep you and your property safe this All Hallows Eve.

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

What are some Halloween safety tips?

Be prepared - and I’m not just talking about your costume!

Make sure your current wireless home security systems are functioning properly. If your current doorbell has bitten the dust, the Sadotech wireless doorbell is a quick and easy to install solution.

So, if any lurking, lupine strangers try to see if you’re home, you won’t get caught off guard... like I was... 11 year old's can be scary.

How do I keep from getting eggs in my house?

Casper is so last century and visibility on Halloween is everything. If you want those annoying kids from next door to know you can see them loitering in your front yard with a carton of eggs and far too many toilet rolls, check out the Guardline Security wireless driveway alarm. Treat yourself with the trick they won’t be looking for.

How do you scare off intruders?

If you really want to give them a scare and keep your home safe, here are some other crafty Halloween safety security solutions to give them the chills:

  • An outdoor motion sensor light – the dark may be spookier and more atmospheric, but it’s better to be able to see what’s coming, than have a nasty surprise.

  • Driveway lights – cute trick or treaters are one thing, but unexpected intruders are another. Keep your pathway well-lit for only the nicest visitors.

  • A motion detector alarm – sadly, Halloween can be an opportune time for criminals to strike, so make sure your back yard is monitored when handing out the candy on the front porch.

  • A long-range driveway alert system – if your front yard is more like a football field, do yourself a favor and make sure you have an intruder alarm in place for the big night.

How can I protect my house on Halloween?

We all love a good jack-o’-lantern, but if you’re NOT interested in receiving trick-or-treaters, keep porch lights off to make your house uninviting. Parking a car across your driveway or consider putting up cones or some other barrier. If you have decorations out, your home will seem appealing for visitors, so take them down on the day of Halloween. If you ARE interested in receiving visitors, keep lights on and walkways and porches clear. (And just like when visiting other’s homes, don’t invite people in unless you know them.)

Also, let’s not forgot the most important item on the home safety checklist – fire safety! As much as we all love skull candles, make sure you also have fire extinguishers, working fire alarms, and perhaps some back up electric candles, just in case.

Learn more about how to prevent indoor fires, here.

What dangers exist on Halloween night?

The American Property Casualty Insurance Association reports that Halloween has the highest number of vandalism claims for any day, by 81%.

So, if you go all-out with your costume, make sure you give your home security solutions the same attention too. Home security and egg avoidance is all about layers of protection!

Start by checking your existing home solutions aren’t easily spooked and then layer up - whether it’s with a reliable Sadotech wireless doorbell, an outdoor motion sensor light, or making sure that home safe is as secure as a pharaoh’s crypt with the best alarm system around.

How can kids stay safe on Halloween?

A final tip from your favorite local spook on trick or treat safety.

Whether you’re staying in to wait for the candy fiends, or heading out adventuring with the family, it’s vital to remember some all-important Halloween safety for kids.

  • Halloween costumes should be made of fireproof fabric and include reflectors

  • Costumes should not impair movement / vision – the bogeyman can run fast!

  • Use flashlights or glowsticks to improve visibility

  • Always accompany children under 12 years old

  • Cross streets using traffic signals and crosswalks

  • Watch out for cars – they won’t always see you 

  • Don’t go inside unless you know them

Set Up a Motion Sensor to Announce Visitors

If you’re planning a Halloween party, consider setting up lights to be triggered by your Guardline outdoor motion sensor. It’s a festive way to announce that guests are arriving, and it’ll give you time to prepare.

This also works well to let you know trick-or-treaters are at the door. By connecting your sensor to a strobe light or string lights, you can be alerted they’re on your property and can be ready to greet them. It’s also fun for people to see your jack-o’-lantern light up when they’re approaching.

It’s easy to connect your Guardline outdoor motion sensor to lights inside the home or on the exterior. Here’s a quick video that will show you how to both show your festive side and be prepared for people to come onto your property: Connecting Your Guardline Sensor to Lights.

Final Thoughts 

As the leaves start to change color, the spiced pumpkin latte appears in your favorite local coffee house, and your chunkiest sweater enjoys its long-awaited comeback, savor the treat of affordable home security.

Give yourself peace of mind safeguarding your property with these unshakeable home solutions - before all hell breaks loose on 1st November with the kids on a sugar come down.

Lock up, put your valuables out of sight, and most importantly, don’t give those ghouls a screaming chance in hell.



Contributing Writer: Lucy Cudden

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