Top 3 Risks to Property Security


Owning property can be very rewarding, but also pretty stressful. Whether you run a farm business, a hobby farm, or just enjoy your own little slice of heaven, property security is likely at the top of your list of worries.

We’ve outlined a few key things to be aware of when it comes to securing your property and being prepared. 

3 Risks to Property Security

Having a Part-time or Vacation Property

If you have a part-time or vacation property, you’re at risk for squatters. Any property that sits vacant for long stretches is vulnerable to people just moving in and making themselves at home. It’s baffling, but the law actually protects someone who claims a piece of your property for a period of time.

Squatters’ rights, or “adverse possession,” is the rule that if someone dwells on your property for an extended period of time and you do nothing about it, they can actually claim ownership. This is true even if you never knew they were there. There are even entire websites dedicated to teaching people how to squat on someone’s property successfully. (We couldn’t believe it either.)

We’re not legal experts, and the laws about this vary from state to state. Contact a lawyer in your area to learn more. Better yet, have eyes on all areas of your property, to begin with.

Being Underinsured

Insurance is one of those things no one wants to pay for because you’re basically paying for the absence of something. There’s no immediate benefit. It just feels like flushing money down the toilet. But if someone gets injured on your land or damages something, you’ll be singing the blues if you’re underinsured.

It’s important to understand all the different types of insurance available and what the requirements are for your specific purpose. For instance, vacant land has different requirements than working.

And if you own your land outright, don’t think you don’t need insurance just because you’re not facing lender requirements. You are still responsible for what happens on your land. And you always want to make sure anyone doing work on your property carries their own liability insurance and possibly worker’s comp if they’re a large enough operation.

We’re not here to sell you insurance, but we want you to be aware of the risks of being insufficiently insured so you’re protected.

Having Blind Spots on Your Land

If you have a large property, there could be places on your own land that you never lay eyes on. Even with smaller lots, uneven terrain, woods, and other natural barriers can create pockets of land that are out of sight, out of mind.

You can’t be everywhere at once, and it might not reasonable to think you can walk your entire property every day or cover all your ground on an ATV. The first thing to do is make sure “No Trespassing” signs are clearly and prominently posted in these blind spots. Signs tend to fade and break down over time, so replace them every year. It might not deter people from hanging out on your land, but you’ve at least given them a chance to steer clear.

Next, consider a Guardline outdoor motion sensor in these areas to keep you informed when someone or something is accessing these spots. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and you’ll always know who’s coming and going in those places you just can’t see.

To learn more about Guardline Outdoor Motion Sensors call us with your questions at (888) 519-0413, or contact our American customer support team by going to our Facebook page or by visiting our contact page.


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James W Carpenter

September 27, 2019

Are your products independent of internet and WiFi.

Guardline Security

October 22, 2019

Hey James, nope our products don’t require any internet or Wifi, just plug and play ;)


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