Understanding your Guardline Sensor Switches

Let's take a closer look at each of the switches inside your Guardline Wireless Motion sensor so we can get a better understanding of how each one works.

Looking at the photo above, you see that we have 4 groups of switches. These switches control the following:

  1. Distance Sensitivity
  2. Speed Sensitivity
  3. Night Mode
  4. Interval "Sleep" Timer

Let's break these down one by one to get a better understanding of how to adjust them to get the best use out of our driveway alarm.

1. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm Distance Sensitivity

These switches control how far away your sensor will detect objects passing in front of it. By default, both switches come in the 'down' position, which allows the maximum distance sensitivity of 39'. To change the distance sensitivity, find your desired distance below and change the switches accordingly:

  • 39 feet - switch 1 down, switch 2 down
  • 26 feet - switch 1 down, switch 2 up
  • 23 feet - switch 1 up, switch 2 down
  • 13 feet - switch 1 up, switch 2 up

If you are experiencing false alarms from cars or animals in the distance, reducing the distance sensitivity can help you to reduce or eliminate those false alarms. 

2. Speed Sensitivity for Motion Sensor

There are only two settings here: standard and slow. From the factory, this is set to standard speed, which captures everything from 2mph and faster. Considering the average walking speed is just over 3 mph, we recommend keeping it at the standard speed setting.

  • Standard Speed (2 mph or greater) - both switches down
  • Slow Speed (less than 2 mph) - both switches up

Unless you are using your sensor to be alerted to slow-moving animal activity, we strongly urge you to keep this setting at Standard speed.

3. Night-only Mode for Guardline's Driveway Alarm

This switch enables or disables night-only mode. From the factory, night-only mode is disengaged which allows the sensor to work 24/7. If you engage night-only mode, your sensor will only work in dark or low-light conditions.

  • 24/7 operation (sensor is always on) - switch is set to the left
  • Night-only mode (sensor only works at night) - switch is set to the right

Sometimes this switch confuses folks, but just remember - if you want your sensor to work both day and night, leave it to the left. If you only want it to work at night, set it to the right.

4. Guardline Motion Sensor Interval "Sleep" Timer

 This switch adjusts how long your sensor will wait after being activated before it can send out a signal again. By default, once your sensor is activated, it takes 7 seconds before your sensor can be activated again. This 7 second delay allows a car or person enough time to pass the sensor while only setting it off once. You can increase this interval to 30 seconds by moving the switch.

  • 7 second interval - switch is set to the right
  • 30 second interval - switch is set to the left

The 30 second interval is especially useful if you consistently have multiple cars or people passing the sensor at one time. The longer delay lets more people/cars pass while only setting off the sensor one time in a 30-second period.

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