Ways to Expand Your Guardline Wireless Motion System

Ways to Expand Your Guardline Wireless Motion System

The much awaited holiday season is here! This may include traveling, going on vacations and leaving your home unattended. Intruders are always waiting for such opportunities when they know you are bound to be busy.

This means you need to strengthen your security system before you get occupied with season festivities. A little mindfulness can save you a lot of trouble. 

First of all, make sure your security system is in order and running efficiently. If you are looking for security solutions that alert you whenever anyone enters or leaves your property, then Guardline home security is the answer. It has been operational since 2001 and offers accurate outdoor motion detectors to warn you if anyone tries to invade your privacy.

Guardline has been offering effective protection to more than 250,000 customers. You can be another addition to the list of happy customers. 

So What Is So Great About These Security Alarms!

Users find it easy to expand it to suit their needs and the wireless home security system is very reliable. The feature rich device never fails you in tough weather conditions and is simple to install. Here are a few tips on how you can expand the security system for additional safety. 

Get More Wireless Receivers for Complete Coverage

Though one receiver can do the job, extra safety requires extra measures. More receivers mean you cannot miss the alert, be it any room you maybe be partying or gathered in. Guardline driveway alarm sensor system is fully expandable. Add as many receivers as you want and pair them up easily in minutes.

Each receiver can have 16 sensors and different melodies. You can select distinct melodies for different sensors to identify the area the chime is coming for. This is especially beneficial if you have huge properties.

Since the Guardline receiver comes with a back up battery, you can carry the receiver with you if you are having a party outside. If any car or person enters the range of the sensor, it will send you an alert just like a doorbell works. You can adjust the volume and select the melody to your liking. 

Guardline Driveway Alarm Sensors

Illuminate Your Property With a Strobe Light to Keep Trespassers Away

To know that your property is being invaded may not be enough. If you want to scare the trespasser, use a strobe light that connects with your security device. It will illuminate the area where movement has been detected so you can identify the culprit.

The increased chances of being caught should be enough to deter the intruder. It will also alert the neighbors or monitoring service if it is part of your security system and also give you time to have an action plan in place. 

How to Add a 12 Volt Accessory or Strobe Light to Your Guardline Security Sensor?  

Since the Guardline receiver comes with a 12 volt relay, you can connect it easily to any 12 volt device such as a strobe light, siren, speakers or ringing bell.

First check if the receiver is plugged in, then remove the back plate and insert wires through the hole in the center of the device. Ensure that the switch which corresponds to the zone on your receiver that you want activated is turned on. This allows the alarm to power your 12 volt alarm when the particular zone receives an alert. Locate the 5 orange tabs and follow the instructions with your 12v device on how to connect it. If you don’t have them, follow these steps:

  • Use the + and - terminals. 
  • Depress the orange switch for the + terminal and insert red wire and then release the switch; do the same with the - terminal and insert black wire.
  • Activate your sensor and check if it is working.

You can use these 12 volt devices to connect to sirens or external speakers. Here’s a video for some step-by-step instructions.

The Guardline Receiver with 12volt Device Attachment

    Get Instant Notifications on Your Smartphone

    If you have a huge property, it is difficult to keep an eye on every area. And in the holiday season when you have to leave, the need to have security measures with which you can check on your house remotely becomes all the more crucial. With security solutions that send you instant messages on your smartphone when there is any movement at your property, you can have the peace of mind that you know what is happening and be in control. However, a stable internet connection is required for such services and the monthly contracts with wi-fi-operated security services can cost a lot.

    With Guardline solutions you do not have to worry about any monthly expenses or added hassles. Simply connect your Guardline device to a smart hub device and you are done.

    Guardline Paired with Smart Hub to send alert to Your Phone

    How Does It Work?

    You will need a few devices including a smart hub, a window/door sensor, speaker cable wire, screwdriver and scissors. When there is an intrusion, the sensor triggers a signal to the receiver and the receiver powers the 12 volt relay.

    This 12 volt relay powers the window/door sensor that sends a signal to the smart hub and you are notified on your smartphone. A smart hub can also be paired with other devices like the outdoor lights and an external speaker for times when Guardline is tripped.

    How to Connect the Window/door Sensor to the Guardline Receiver

    The Setup is Also Quite Easy.

    • Ensure that the receiver is plugged.
    • Remove the black plate and put wires through the center hole.
    • Turn on the switches that correspond to the zone(s) on your receiver that you wish to activate.
    • Look for the 5 orange tabs and follow the directions on your 12v device regarding how to connect it.
    • You need to use the NO or NC and the COM terminals. Check the instructions on your 12v device to see if you should use NC or NO terminals.
    • Depress the orange tab for either the NO or NC terminal, then insert the red wire. Repeat the process with the COM terminal and insert black wire.
    • Activate your sensor to see if it’s working.

    Skip Wifi and Go for a Power Converter for More Lighting

    If you live in an area where stable internet connection is not available, then opt for other intelligent security solutions. You can use an AC/DC converter to connect your Guardline via the 12 volt relay and trigger a flood light which can go off whenever someone passes by. This will illuminate the intruder and in the visibility provided by the light you can identify the person, so it can serve as an effective deterrent. The converter can trigger any basic lighting fixtures and is highly reliable.

    The pairing up of a converter with the Guardline device is easy. You will need an AC/DC converter, a small screwdriver, a Guardline driveway alarm, speaker/cable wire  and scissors. Don’t get overwhelmed with the number of wires and switches used in installation. Follow the easy instructions or the video tutorial. If you need help you can always get in touch with the customer service team of Guardline which is available at all times.

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