Which Guardline is Best for your Property?

Which Guardline is Best for your Property?

With the number of crimes increasing, people are being more vigilant and updating their security systems. It is important to invest in the devices and security solutions that answer your specific security needs, instead of spending big bucks on sophisticated systems. If you have an extensive outdoor area that needs protection or want to keep a check outdoors to know every time anyone enters your property, then you can buy driveway alarms that provide instant alerts.

Whether you have a long driveway or a short one, these alarms will protect your entire property and help you keep a check on who goes in and out of your premises, at all times. 

Homeowners are finding driveway alarms very convenient as they serve as an effective deterrent for intruders and give those in the house the security that they are in control of their property.

Guardline Security Solutions

Amongst different driveway motion sensors and alarms, Guardline Security has made its name in the top brackets because of the quality outdoor alarms they provide. So if you are looking to have peace of mind and want this alarm system, here is all the information on the Guardline driveway alarms. These alarms are among the most reliable ones you can find in America and it is for a reason that more than 250,000 customers have invested in these security alarms.

Guardline Security has been providing customers with top-notch security products for almost two decades now. They offer products that are efficient, dependable and have stood the tests of time. The raving reviews on Amazon exceed 1,000 which speaks volumes of their security products.

Here is all you need to know about the two types of driveway alarms Guardline offers. The details will help you pick the one that suits your security needs the best.

1. Guardline 500 Ft. Wireless Driveway Alarm

As the name suggests, this wireless alarm covers 500 ft. range. Install it outdoors wherever you want, it can withstand extreme weather conditions to give you results day and night.

It is a breeze to have these alarm systems installed. All you have to do is plug the device and it will start working. Just follow the simple instructions given on the guide or watch the video tutorials. The installation process will take only a few minutes. And you do not have to go through any hassle of subscriptions, monthly contracts or need any wifi and phone connection to link it up with. You can have it mounted on walls, trees, fences, posts and just about anywhere.

If you have huge outdoors, you can add as many as 16 sensors in order to protect your property. These can be placed at key areas where you think you may need protection. For added security add extra receivers so that you do not miss any alerts. One receiver can have 16 sensors.

It is touted to be one of the most reliable outdoor motion sensors in the US, so you can rest assured of having no false alarms. The alarm comes with 32 different melodies for you to choose from and the volume can also be adjusted.

The price of this efficient alarm is tagged at $99.00, which is quite good considering the worth of the product. It comes with a two-year warranty.

2. Guardline 1/4 Mile Wireless Driveway Alarm

This wireless driveway alarm covers a longer range as can be gauged from the name; it covers 1/4-mile distance. The alarms by Guardline are weatherproof, they will work just as well be it heavy rain, scorching heat, snowstorms or hailstorms. It is this reliability factor that people look for when buying outdoor alarms and Guardline lives up to its promise.

Just as in the other one, the configuration and installation process of this driveway alarm is simple and can be done within minutes. But still if you need any help, the Guardline team has posted several videos for the convenience of the customers.

The technology of the alarm picks up motion and heat that is triggered by cars and people, so you are instantly alerted when anything or anyone enters the property. If you have long driveways then you will know when someone is coming down your driveway and have ample time to be prepared, instead of them suddenly appearing and surprising you. The alarm works 24/7 in all weather conditions to give you the peace of mind you crave for.

You get more than thirty customizable alarm tones for each sensor, so you have the option to link up different sounds with different sensors to know where the sound is coming from without having to look it up.

What volt is Guardline's Motion Sensor?

The Guardline system comes with a 12volt relay terminal which allows customers to customize their system to their particular needs. You can use this terminal to attach a strobe light, siren for outdoors or receive Guardline notifications on a remote device. 

Is Guardline's range expandable?

Yes! It offers an expandable system. This means you can add up to 16 sensors or four zones with four sensors per zone. The 16 sensors can be paired with one receiver and you can set these motion sensors at all the vulnerable points that you think are more susceptible to break-ins. If you want to add more receivers to the system, you can easily do so. If you have a huge area outside or several unsafe points then you can add more motion sensors. However usually two or four sensors would suffice.

Does Guardline offer a warranty?

Yes! The alarm comes with a two-year warranty and you get technical support as well. At the price point of $159.00, this alarm system is worth having.

Apart from the exceptional specs of the wireless driveway alarms, the company also offers support and if there are any issues you always have the option of live chat or getting phone support.

If you’d like some hands-on support on how to build your Guardline system, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support line. You can reach us by phone at 888-519-0413 or by email at support@guardlinesecurity.com. We’re always here to help. 


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