Add-on Intercoms and Call Boxes


  Expand your wireless intercom system or purchase one of our industrial grade call boxes or PA systems.  The perfect expandable solutions for home and business use.

  • Add-on component for the 100 ft Wireless Intercom

  • Expandable system up to 12 units

  • Adjustable Volume and Push to Talk

  • Can be mounted or sit on a counter. Runs on AA batteries or optional 12V power adapter.

  • Manufactured by Chamberlain.  1 year manufacturer's warranty 
  • Compatible ONLY with the Chamberlain Intercom System Base Stations

  • Avoid buying batteries with a plug-in solution.
  • Uses long range MURS frequency perfect for large properties.

  • 5 channels and 38 sub-channels make it perfect for any application.

  • Unlimited number of base stations, handheld radios, and sensors can be added to create the right system for you.

  • 4 tones/chimes when base station is being...
  • Uses the MURS signal for the longest range intercom available.

  • Unlimited number of radios, base stations, and sensors can be used to create the perfect system.

  • Rechargeable batteries and charger included.

  • 5 main channels and 38 sub-channels for maximum versatility. Monitor Mode allows you to listen...
  • Add a PA system to your 4-Mile Range Wireless Intercom configuration.  Perfect for noisy warehouses, campuses or industrial shops.

  • Speaker and PA base unit are wired together.  Can use up to two PA Horns per unit.

  • Adjustable volume. Max volume can be heard at 95 db over 50...
  • Only compatible with the 4-Mile Range PA System

  • Designed for indoor use and capable of producing 95 dB.

  • PA system can only support 2 horns. Horn must be wired to the transmitter.
  • Add-on call box compatible with the 4-mile MURS signal (Custom programming;may take 2-3 weeks to deliver.)

  • Can be used with our 4-mile Base Stations and Radios.

  • Great tool for emergency call boxes on small campuses or job sites.

  • Operates on 6 D batteries or plugged in...
  • Heavy duty industrial call box pre-programmed to work with our 4 Mile MURS signal.

  • Tamper resistant and perfect for gate entrances, receiving docks, and emergency call boxes on large properties or campuses.

  • Runs on 6 D batteries with energy-saving technology, draws power only when in use.


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