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Browse our popular 2500 and 4-Mile Series of Driveway Alarms and Doorbells from Dakota Alert.
  • Expandable system for unlimited sensors, receivers, or push buttons

  • 50 ft adjustable sensor range with advanced technology to eliminate false alarms. Ignores small animals and debris.

  • 4 zones, a different chime for every sensor or sensor set for maximum security.

  • 9V battery for sensor...
  • Perfect solution to detect vehicles only.  The underground probe eliminates all false alarms from animals, people, and debris.

  • Sensor mounts to a tree or post and the probe is buried next to a driveway with a detection radius of 10 to 12 ft.

  • Expandable system can add unlimited number...
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  • Reduce false alarms - Alarm triggered only by an object passing through and breaking the beam connection between the sensors.

  • Solar Rechargeable Batteries - never worry about losing battery power in your sensor.

  • Customizable System - Can be paired with any other products in the 2500 series for countless...
  • Eliminate motion sensor false alarms by using a pressure-triggered rubber hose sensor. Perfect for driveways and business entrances.

  • The 25 ft. rubber hose attaches to a sensor box that can be mounted on a post or tree.

  • Expandable system supports unlimited number of sensors and receivers.

  • Our longest-range doorbell.  Perfect for large properties, gates, and detached on-property shops.

  • 4 chime options with adjustable volume

  • 12V Relay allows the attachment of a loud ringing bell or siren to the receiver. Perfect for noisy shops or warehouses.

  • 4 zones allow you to...
  • Includes 2500 ft. Sensor, Receiver, and Push Button, and a set of door contact sensors in one bundle!

  • Sensor is weather resistant, infrared, and adjustable up to 50 ft.

  • Push button is the perfect long-range solution for property, shop or gate.

  • 4 zones with unlimited...
  • Includes a standard wired receiver and portable receiver. Perfect for people spending time on their property and wanting to be alerted to sensors being triggered.

  • Expandable system for unlimited sensors, receivers, and push buttons.

  • Up to 4 zones allowing custom chimes for different sensor units. Portable...
  • Pager-size receiver is small enough to fit in your pocket or clip to a belt.

  • Receiver has optional chime and vibration option, rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger.

  • Up to 50 ft. adjustable infrared sensor range

  • Sensor is weather resistant and ready for all extreme...
  • Add-on receiver for 2500 ft Wireless Driveway Alarm

  • System can support an unlimited number of receivers and sensors.

  • 4 zones allow you to give sensors their own chime and sound.

  • Optional Reminder Beep - know when someone triggered a sensor if you were out.

  • ...

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