Guardline 1/4 Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

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    • Immediately alerts you when a person or vehicle enters your property. 
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Part of our exclusive line of driveway alarm products manufactured by us and backed by exceptional Seattle based tech support. 
    • Set includes one sensor/receiver but up to 16 Sensors and UNLIMITED number of receivers can be purchased and added for maximum coverage.   Not compatible with the 500 ft. Guardline Driveway Alarm
    • Over 30 rich quality ring tones with LOUD adjustable volume. Pair different chimes to distinguish between up to four different zones. 
    • LONG RANGE up to 1/4 mile from sensor to receiver (extra interference like trees, hills, walls, parked vehicles will diminish range). 
    • SUPER EASY set up. No dip switches or dismantling. Quick start guide has you set up in minutes. 
                  • Sensor Type: Passive Infrared (picks up heat movement).
                  • Sensor Range: Sensor detection up to 40 ft.
                  • Sensor to Receiver Range: Maximum 1/4 Mile
                  • Zones: Program up to 4 different zones; allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference. Supports 4 sensors on each zone.
                  • Tones: 30 different tones and adjustable LOUD volume.
                  • Lights: Flashing number for each zone and low battery lights.
                  • Weather: Operating temperature range: -4 degrees to 140 degrees F. Sensors are weatherproof and include a hood for further protection against the elements.
                  • Mounting: Sensor can mount to posts, walls, fences, and trees with included mounting hardware. Receiver sits on countertop.
                  • Expandability: Can support up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers in one system. Place different receivers throughout your home.
                  • Frequency: 914.8 MHz.
                  • Field of vision of the sensor: 12 to 15 degree viewing radius, up to 40 ft. distance.
                  • Relay: Has powered 12 volt relay.
                  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty and technical support.
                  • Power: Sensor 4 AA batteries; Receiver 12V adapter or 4 AAA batteries. Has a power-saving mode, which makes sensor-only sensitive in low lighting.
                  • Dimensions: Sensor (with shield) 3.25" x 5.5" x 4". Receiver 5.5" x 5.5" x 4".
                  • Includes: 1 sensor, 1 receiver, 1 12V AC adapter, 1 sun shield, mounting hardware.
                  ** As with all wireless products the maximum range is determined by the amount of interference between the sensor and receiver. Any obstruction in direct line of sight range will reduce the effectiveness of the signal between the individual units. For maximum distance reduce as much interference as possible.

                  Super easy to set up. Quick Start Guide has you operational in minutes. Our knowledgeable Seattle based tech support is here to help you every step of the way.

                  1/4 mile range for larger properties. Fully expandable so you can cover multiple areas of your property and be notified in several places around your home.

                  Packed with features including 30 ring tones, extra loud adjustable volume, battery backups, and the ability to add external sirens or loud ringing bells. All backed by a lifetime warranty.

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                  Kevin L.
                  United States

                  Feeling Secure

                  Works Great. Fast Shipping. Easy to install

                  Bruce H.
                  United States

                  Great experience

                  I first bought a 500ft. system and found it was marginal for me so you let me upgrade. Thank you

                  Mike S.
                  United States

                  Had them all ...This one works!!

                  Have had the Dakota Alert 2500 and 3500, Chamberlain, and nothing compares with this unit. Have 2 receivers, 2 transmitters installed, 2 transmitters unistalled, and they work as you said they would. I was suspect they wouldn't for i have a metal roof on the brick house and closest is 600 feet away. Works like a champ ! Thanks

                  Eric E.
                  United States


                  It performs as advertised. I live in the woods in Northeast Texas my home is approximately 500 feet from the gate my house is metal. Metal roof metal exterior walls. I don't have a problem getting a signal from my gate to my home. Night or day. Great product!

                  Guy a.
                  United States

                  Exactly what we need!

                  Our land is very large and exposed, with four different easements…the guardline is perfect for us, because we always know when anything is entering any of our easements by having a unique ring tone for each. Definitely sleeping better now that we feel more secure :)

                  Q: Some of the pictures, of the sensor, have a shield on the top and some don't. Does the sensor unit come with this protective shield?
                  Answers (1)
                  A: The sensor comes with the sun shield bot both the 500 ft, and the 1/4 mile version.
                  Q: Can the sensor be mounted on a metal pole/pipe without any interference?
                  Answers (1)
                  A: We recommend not mounting on metal surfaces because they cause a great deal of interference with the sensor's signal. You can try it in the location. but if it does not work, the metal interference is most likely why.
                  Q: Will the wireless waves from the camera to the monitor be blocked by trees and hills?
                  Answers (1)
                  A: They will not be entirely blocked, but solid objects do degrade the signal strength. Basically, the system has a maximum range, and solid objects will make that range smaller. Certain items such as metal and stucco cause much more trouble that wood or drywall.
                  Q: Can external devices be activated when motion is detected? For example, could it turn on an external floodlight or alarm that has its own power source? Thanks
                  Answers (1)
                  A: The GL5000's receiver has a set of wet contacts (12 volt) and a set of dry contacts. The wet contact only activates for a brief moment though, while the dry contact activates a device with its own power source.
                  Q: How far can I place the sensors from the base?
                  Answers (1)
                  A: The sensors can be placed up to a 1/4 mile form the receiver. Interference from trees, walls, etc. reduces the range.


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