Guardline: America’s #1 Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor

As a homeowner, knowing what's happening on your property is all-important. With the Guardline Outdoor Motion Sensor you'll know when vehicles enter your property and when they leave. You’ll always know where kids and pets are located in the parts of your yard you can't see. And you’ll know when people approach your home.

Guardline 500 ft. Outdoor Motion Sensor

$99.00 $149.99
  • Great for single family homes
  • Expands to 16 sensors, unlimited receivers
  • Loud volume with multiple chimes
  • Easy to install and awesome support
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Guardline 1/4 Mile Outdoor Motion Sensor

$149.97 $209.99
  • 1/4 Mile wireless range for large properties
  • Expands to 16 sensors, unlimited receivers
  • Loud volume with multiple chimes
  • Easy to install and awesome support
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Why is Guardline the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor?

Our Guardline team is a group of experts who’ve combined our knowledge and years of experience with wireless products and created the best outdoor motion sensor on the market.  We’ve produced a outdoor motion sensor that has the most reliable wireless distance, has the easiest setup, and features homeowners want. Over 250,000 outdoor motion sensors sold since 2001.

Easy Setup

The Guardline outdoor motion sensor sets up in minutes, right out of the box. With the Quick Start Guide, you’ll just add batteries, pick one of your 4 separate zones – and pair. Mount the sensor to a post, tree, or your home, point it, and you’re now monitoring your home.


Maximum dependability and expandability make the Guardline outdoor motion sensor the perfect system. Up to 16 sensors in 4 zones, each with its own chime and LED light, ensures you know which sensor has been tripped. Add unlimited receivers in your kitchen, bedroom, or shop and an alert is always nearby.


Our original outdoor motion sensor provides a 500 ft. range, great for single-family homes or those wanting to build a system near and around their home. We’ve now developed the 1/4 Mile version, giving those with more property the ability to monitor a much larger space.


With the Guardline outdoor motion sensor, you’ll know when the kids are by the pool, when your UPS guy is delivering a package, and when your guests are showing up early for the dinner party (arghhh!). You’ll never be caught off guard, always knowing what’s happening around your home.



We’re a group of Seattle guys who believe knowledge and friendly, dependable service creates an amazing customer experience. Call during office hours and you’ll be talking with one of us. We’ll help you choose the right product for your unique needs. Every single product we sell, we’ve thoroughly and extensively tested. We only sell products we know are reliable, easy to install, and easy to use.

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