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  • Easy to Set Up Simply turn on the system, pair with a learn button, and mount your sensor.
  • Alert Beep - System has one alert, a loud beep when triggered.
  • 30 ft detection range for the sensor. Signal is infrared and will pick up heat from people and vehicles and ignore small animals or debris.
  • Up to 7 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers can be used to create a custom alert system.
  • Manufactured by Chamberlain. 1 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Sensor Type: Passive Infrared (heat movement).
  • Range: Sensor adjustable up to 30 feet.
    Sensor to receiver 1000 ft.
  • Tones: 1 tone, low battery beep, adjustable volume.
  • Weather: Sensor is weatherproof, comes with a rain shield.
  • Mounting: Sensor can mount to posts, walls, fences and trees with screws. Receiver can sit on countertop or be mounted on a wall with nails or strong adhesive.
  • Expandability: Supports 8 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers.
  • Warranty: 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty and tech support.
  • Power: Sensor 4 AA batteries (batteries can last up to 2 years)
    Receiver 12 V adapter or 4 AA batteries ( batteries will only last one week.)
  • Dimensions: Sensor 4" x 3" x 2"
    Receiver 3.5" x 3" x 2".
  • Included: 1 sensor, 1 receiver, 1 weather shield, 1 AC adapter, mounting hardware.

On Wireless Distance:The maximum distance of this system has been tested in an open field with no obstructions. Any obstruction in direct line-of-sight range will reduce the effectiveness of the signal between the individual units and degrade the reliability and range of the wireless signal.

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Terry S.
United States

Driveway Alarm

Perfect. Works like a champ. No more intruders with this alarm.

Gerry S.
United States


Drive way alarm works perfectly the dogs have gotten to know when it beeps that we have company. I highly recommend it!!!

Kenneth S.
United States


Perfect. No false alarms, easy to set up, no problems with communications.

Bob G.
United States

Chamberlain Driveway Alarm

Alarm works fine. It would be nice if you could select different chimes. This one sounds just like my coffee maker

Tommy G.
United States


Not as good as the original CWA 2000 I bought from you years ago. Can't quite get the sensitivity set so it detects all the cars that drive down the road to the house.

Q: Will birds set off the alarm?
Answers (1)
A: Yes, birds can set it off if they're close enough.
Q: What model has and auxiliary contact
Answers (1)
A: Hi Don, the Chamberlain intercoms do not have a 12v out. I would recommend our 500' or 1/4 mile Guardline driveway alarm.
Q: I want to get this product to put on the back of my work tuck that is parked at my house each night will I have to reconnect this to the sensor every time it comes back into range?
Answers (1)
A: No, once you move out of range the signal will simply stop being picked up by the receiver. Once you move back in range it will be able to pick up the signal again. You will not have to reset the connection.
Q: I have been searching for something like this for my mother that lives alone and wants to know when someone enters her driveway or comes through the gate on the side of her house. Will this unit pick up body heat and is it functional for picking up vehicles? Is there a specific height to mount the unit for detecting each? Max distance would be less than 400 feet from Transmitter to Receiver, will this unit work in her home?
Answers (1)
A: This unit will pick up vehicles and people, and the range should not be an issue. There are guidelines on the mounting height of about 3 feet off of the ground, but this can be altered with proper experimentation with placement.
Q: Your specs indicate that multiple sensors can be used with this model. Do I need to purchase more complete sets of this to add the extra sensors (if so, will I have to run multiple recievers, too), or can I just buy individual additional sensors to use with the one receiver? If I can purchase individual sensors to be used with the one receiver, how much does each additional sensor cost? I'm trying to figure out how many I need to secure the entire perimeter of my property. It's not an exceptionally large lot (I live in L.A., California, so imagine an average upper-middle-class L.A. home on a decently sized lot to allow for front, back, and side yards), but there are obstacles which ould block a single unit from reaching its full efficacy. I worry about mainly pedestrian perimeter breaches as our neighborhood has begun to see an increase in home property theft due to a proliferation of methamphetamine users coming to the area.
Answers (1)
A: You can definitely purchase additional sensors for this unit. Search item number "CH2030" in the top right corner search bar, and you will find the additional sensor.

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