Dakota Alert 2500 ft. Underground Probe Driveway Alarm

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  • Perfect solution to detect vehicles only.  The underground probe eliminates all false alarms from animals, people, and debris.

  • Sensor mounts to a tree or post and the probe is buried next to a driveway with a detection radius of 10 to 12 ft.

  • Expandable system can add unlimited number of sensors or receivers to provide the perfect home detection solution.

  • 50 ft. wired probe  makes posting the sensor box and burying the probe flexible and easy for your property.

  • Manufactured by Dakota Alert. 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Sensor Type: Metal detecting, probe
  • Range: Sensor- Up to 12 feet, sensor to receiver- Maximum of 2500 ft
  • Zones: Program up to 4; allowing you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference.
  • Tones: 4 (classical, Westminster, ding dong, and whistle) with volume control, and optional reminder beep
  • Weather: Sensors are weather resistant, operating range of -30 to 120 Degrees F
  • Mounting: Sensor gets buried along side driveway, cable should be buried too, transmitter should be mounted on a wall, post, or tree, and receiver should be mounted on a wall with screws or a strong adhesive.
  • Expandable System: Unlimited receivers and transmitters.Coding can be changed to reduce interference and different buttons can be paired with different tones on separate zones.
  • Compatibility: Dakota alert 2500 series (2500 ft range) receiver and motion sensor
  • Relay: Powered 12V relay, supports external bells, sirens, strobes, etc.
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty and tech support
  • Dimensions: Probe- 12"x 1.25" Diameter, 50 foot cord, transmitter- 6" x 3" x 7", receiver 6" x 4" x 1.5"
  • Included: 1- Probe sensor, 1- transmitter, 1- cable, 1- receiver, 1- 12 v AC adapter

** As with all wireless products the maximum range is determined by the amount of interference between base stations. Any solid obstruction between a direct line of sight range will reduce the distance of the signal between the individual base stations. For maximum distance reduce as much interference as possible.

The metal detecting probe sensor will only pick up vehicle traffic and will not produce any false alarms due to humans or animals.

Installation is incredibly simple. Just power up your devices and they are ready to go! You can easily make adjustments to your sensor or receiver to customize your driveway alarm.

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David G.
United States

Dakota alert

Great Stuff Would buy again

Q: What is the power source? Is the sensor battery powered? Are the receivers battery powered? Is 110v power required anywhere?
Answers (1)
A: The outdoor sensor is powered by 6 AA batteries that sit in the transmitter box. The in home receiver is the only unit that requires wall power, and it comes with its own adapter.
Q: Does the alarm work in freezing weather or with snow on the ground and drive?
Answers (1)
A: All of the sensors in the Dakota 2500 series are operable in temperatures ranging from -30 to 120 degrees F. The probe sensor will not be affected by snow covering.


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